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Launching A New Business? – Develop A Marketing Strategy ASAP

Starting a new business is exciting and you will be keen to launch your new brand into the marketplace. Before you take the plunge and take out a 5 min TV advert, pause and develop a marketing strategy! This is your main priority as effective marketing will ensure the future viability of your business. Your market strategy needs to totally focus on how your brand will meet your target market.

To direct your marketing effectively it is important to adopt a variety of techniques. Using several forms of media rather than one will ensure customers are reached across the board. Ensure your brand is strong and tells the customer what your business is all about. Clear labelling using quality sticker paper on your products and effective branding materials will ensure your brand is noticed.  

Here are some forms of marketing which you could consider implementing into your marketing strategy.


Social media

Using social media in your marketing strategy is a new phenomenon. Promoting a service or product on social media has the potential to reach a huge audience. The different platforms have their own pros and cons, if your products look amazing on photos Instagram is a great advertising tool, Facebook gives an opportunity to build up a rapport and Twitter is fast-paced but instant.

Using social media allows business owners and brands to build up a relationship and rapport with followers. It is important to stay professional at all times, otherwise, the negative effect may occur.


Traditional adverts

Advertising in the traditional sense such as in magazines, newspapers, radio and TV used to be the only options available. There is still a place for these forms of advertising. They have staying power, meaning that adverts are often kept or remembered more effectively. Adverts placed in local press and magazines are often cost effective which is great for business start-ups. TV advertising is expensive but has a terrific reach.


Trade fairs

Trade fairs are frequented by major retailers and buyers who are all looking for the next “big thing”. If you can capture the interest of a major player your product could end up being stocked nationally or even internationally! Trade fairs normally cover particular niches. There are trade fairs for toys, gifts, electronics, gaming and camping – to name a few. Showcasing your product at a trade fair is not cheap, but has the potential to really give your business a kick start.


Web presence

It is important to have a strong web presence and your website needs to feature highly on search engines. If web design and SEO isn’t your area of expertise it is worth consulting the expertise of a website designer and SEO expert. Make sure that if you take any online payments you have up to date cybersecurity installed. Also if you have cybersecurity software installed you are less likely to suffer from a data breach.

Ensure you develop a marketing strategy as soon as possible as this will ensure enough people become aware of your business.  

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