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Live one day as a lion

By definition, most of us are average.

Don’t take offence. Look around you. Your friends will live in similar houses, have similar paying jobs and drive similar cars. That’s fine it’s normal. Average.

It’s easier to be average. You just ‘fit in’, ‘go with the flow’. There’s no pressure to perform. It’s stressless.

Most people are like sheep. Sheep are herd animals, like humans. They want to stick together, be the same, belong.

Being a black sheep makes you stand out. People will point. You will be singled out as ‘different’. ‘Not one of us’.

It takes courage to be different. A willingness to separate oneself from others. It means being apart from the herd.

You will be ridiculed for it. People will hope you fail. The herd don’t like non-conformity.

There are those few, however, who choose to be different. They’re mavericks who don’t act as others. It’s not learnt. It’s genetic. They’re different.

They’ll try different things, jobs and opportunities. And because they try more they’ll fail more, and others will see this as evidence of their folly.

Being a sheep is easy. It’s comfortable. It’s none threatening. It’s average. The ‘norm’, you might say.

Being a lion is much more difficult. Being the one who stands apart from the sheep isn’t easy. Someone who chooses a different path than the majority is a remarkable person.

Lions catch only 19% of their intended prey. They fail 81% of the time. But when they succeed…..

Kings of the savannah. Top Predator. Provider for their clan.

To obtain the lifestyle you dream of, you have to ‘do’ something different. Different to what you normally do and different from what others do. If you’re going to do what others do, then you’re going to get what others have gotten.

You may try, and you may fail. In fact, it’s more likely that you will fail than succeed. Be prepared to fail, because the more times you fail, the better prepared you are to succeed.

Lions fail 81% of the time. Be a lion.

Better to live one day as a lion, than all your life as a sheep.

Stupid Is The Norm.

Live One Day As A Lion

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