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There is no denying the fact that many people are drawn to Portugal because of its beautiful landscape and magical weather. However, there is a lot more to this country than that. 

In fact, Portugal is a desirable location for those who are looking to set up a company. There is a lot to love about this country in terms of business and there are fantastic organisations just waiting to give you a helping hand.

In fact, you can get various companies to place shipping bids so you can choose the best deal. Read on to discover why Portugal is emerging as one of the hottest spots for starting a business…

Looking To Expand Into The EU?

Before delving into the benefits of choosing Portugal it is worth pointing out the fact that the proof is in the pudding.

There are many companies that have chosen Portugal as their base. This includes massive names such as Visteon, Mitsubishi, Microsoft and Volkswagen.

The success of these companies should give you great encouragement that Portugal is a place where you can really flourish. But, why is this the case?

One of the main reasons why people choose Portugal is because it boasts one of the lowest operational costs in Western Europe. This is obviously of massive significance.

Keeping costs as low as possible is one of the key ingredients of success to any business – especially start-ups in the modern-day.

There is no denying the fact that the economic climate is more challenging now thanks to the recession. It is increasingly difficult for new and small businesses to compete against the big players in the industry.

However, setting up shop somewhere such as Portugal will undoubtedly give you a much better chance. 

In addition to this, you will benefit from one of the best pools of skilled workforce in Europe. Portugal has long had a reputation for boosting a highly intelligent and experienced group of workers.

You will struggle to find many countries in the rest of the world that boasts a young workforce as zealous as Portugal’s. This can be the key to your business’s progression. There is nothing better to drive your company forward than fresh and intelligent minds. 

In fact, when you consider three main components you see how Portugal is rightly deemed one of the most natural gateways between the EU itself and other global markets.

These key qualities include the country’s healthy relationship with the EU, its prime geographical location, and the fact that it boasts economic liberality as well.

The potential for expansion and growth is quite simply massive. You have all of the ingredients you could possibly need for success.

In addition to this, you should also bear in mind the fact that Portugal has long had a traditional presence and consequent involvement in countries and areas such as Africa and Brazil.

This also presents a wealth of opportunities. It gives you the possibility to access expanding markets, establish commercial contacts and capitalise on significant business opportunities. 

And before concluding it is worth listing the main export commodities as well. This will give you a greater insight into the areas of speciality in the country and what is in popular demand.

Therefore, main export products encompass; agricultural and food products, wine, plastics and rubber, wood and cork, oil and chemicals, textile materials, clothing and footwear, vehicles and transport material, machinery and tools, and finally optical and precision instruments.

When you take all of the points mentioned into account it is not difficult to see why Portugal is deemed as so much more than a mere tourist destination.

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