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If you haven’t tried matched betting before, it’s a great way to make some extra tax free money, yes you read correctly, you don’t have to declare this to the tax man! I’ve done quite a bit of matched betting and the extra cash has been very welcome.

Don’t go into it blindly though, it’s best to join a matched betting service such as Profit Accumulator as they will teach you the concept of matched betting, and provide you with the tools, offers, and support needed to make extra income from home.

What is matched betting?

Matched betting is a technique used to profit from free bets and incentives offered by bookmakers and if done properly is a safe way to earn some extra cash.

How Does It Work?

To do Matched Betting you need to open accounts with bookies who will give you offers in the way of free bets if you spend a certain amount.

You will also need to open an account with a betting exchange such as Betfair.

This is the basics of how it works:

You would first need to place a qualifying bet so that you can get a free bet. Let’s say for example for the bookie’s offer the requirement is to bet £10 to gain a free £20 bet. You could, for example, back a horse to win at the bookies, then place a “lay” bet, which means you would place a bet for the horse not to win at the exchange (Betfair).

Doing this cancels out your bet, so you don’t lose or win and this protects your money, you will only maybe gain or lose a few pence to around £1-£2 depending on the odds that you placed each bet on and because of the commission charged with the exchange.

It doesn’t matter losing this small amount at this stage because you will gain the £20 free bet for placing the qualifying bet at the bookies and will now be able to go on and make a profit.

Once you have received your free bet you will then go and use the software (provided by Profit Accumulator) and calculate a back bet and lay bet, it calculates both bets for you and tells you exactly what to place so that you make a profit from your £20 free bet.

You should make around £14 to £18 profit just from following instructions and placing a few bets. Not bad eh! There are of course bigger and better offers to make even more and it all adds up.

You can try matched betting out for free with Profit Accumulator and make up to £45, there’s no catch, if you don’t like it you get to walk away with your winnings, so what have you got to lose!

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Make Extra Money With Matched Betting
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