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Maintaining a yard can be exhausting when you already have too much on your plate. That’s why here are a few helpful little tricks of the trade that you can use to maintain your yard without putting in too much effort:

Well-maintained garden

1. Weed and Pest Control

One of the main reasons people have to do a lot of work in their backyard is because they have a yard full of weeds and bugs. These can be very annoying if you have them. But one way you can keep pests out of your yard is by using items that you would find in any local store or grocery store.

You can use things such as PAM cooking spray, a paper towel, and for the actual spraying, you can use hairspray. Hairspray works great because it will kill bugs that land or walk on it. Now all you need is to grab a paper towel and coat it with your choice of spray. Then when the bugs come, they will crawl on it and die. You could also try this recipe containing white vinegar.

2. Moss in the Garden

Another thing that can be bothersome about having a garden is if it has moss growing in it. Luckily there are ways for you to get rid of this yourself using items in your house. This can be done by taking two pieces of aluminium foil and folding them in half.

Then take a piece of tape and connect the two pieces to make a bowl. When you do this, open it up so that you have four pieces of foil connected at the centre. Next, cut out small individual squares on all four sides. What you now have should be a bowl with four flaps that you can pull open.

Grab a cup full of water, then take your scissors and cut a tiny hole in one of the corners on every side. What this will do is allow the water to seep into the soil as you place it onto your mossy area, allowing it to kill the moss so that you don’t have to do too much work.

3. Mulch and Ground Covers

You can keep weeds and pests out of your garden is by using mulch and ground covers. This will not only help with hiding the colour of your soil but also prevent the growth of moss and weeds so that your garden looks great all year round.

Of course, you can purchase mulch and ground covers at any local store, but you can also use items that you would find around your house. If you have extra newspaper lying around, place two to three pieces on top of the soil before adding your mulch or ground cover. This will help keep weeds away because they do not like sunlight passing through the paper.

4. Fertiliser and Soil Amendments

If you want your garden to look great all year round, you must fertilise and add soil amendments to help it grow. But one way you can save money on these items is by making them yourself using things that you would find in your house.

You can make your own fertiliser by mixing two parts of water with one part of household ammonia and then applying it to the soil. What this will do is provide nutrients for the earth, allowing it to absorb moisture better.

As for the soil amendment, you can make this yourself by mixing equal parts of sand, leaf mould, and peat moss. Place all these ingredients into a bucket and then combine them using three gallons of water. Then place your homemade soil amendment in a hole that is two feet wide and three feet deep. Once you have put it into the soil, cover it with three inches of mulch.

5. Landscape Design

Don’t forget about that landscape design. It’s not just about plants; it’s also about structures like water fountains, benches, arbours, and more to create an outdoor living space that is beautiful year-round. For this, you can even hire contractors to get an artificial lawn installation and other landscaping projects finished.

 Artificial Grass Tiles Interlocking Turf Deck.

You can get your garden looking its best by using products from your local store or hardware store and landscape design services to help you get the most bang for your buck without doing all of that work yourself.

These easy ways to maintain a well-kept yard without putting in the work will help you get your garden looking its best and keep weeds, pests, and moss away. Whether it is through products from your local store or hardware store, these tricks can be used for any type of garden design.

Learn how you can maintain your yard for years to come with this list of easy tips.

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