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Look at my dog proudly wearing his New Stainless Steel Bone Dog Tag!

New Stainless Steel Bone Dog Tag

This post is a quick shout out for Doggie Solutions to say thanks for the lovely tag and quick delivery.

I usually order free plastic dog tags from our local Council but they wear out so quickly and the numbers become unreadable.

I thought I’d go for something different and opted for a nice new stainless steel dog tag in a bone design.

The tag my dog is wearing in the picture is a large size bone tag measuring 40 mm wide x 27mm high. It is available in a smaller size too.  He is a big Jack Russell so I think this was the right choice for him.

Dog Tag

The image shows the reverse side. It can be engraved on both sides and it comes with a sturdy split ring attached.

Delivery was really quick, so I’m very happy and so is he.

It’s worth taking a browse around the Doggie Solutions website to see what other pet goodies they have. Thank You Doggie Solutions. 🙂

New Stainless Steel Bone Dog Tag

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