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Your business is a very hefty financial consideration, but you took it on with all the enthusiasm of a champion, and you’re happy and healthy in your role as the boss! But when you look around you, you’re noticing a few signs of wear and tear on your office, ones that could one day end up costing you a pretty penny off the books. How did these damages happen? Could they have been prevented? Are your team even aware of what’s going on around them?

Office Precautions That Could Save You Money

There’s a lot of small hazards we combat, especially when we’re at work. But some have bigger consequences ahead of them than others – let’s think about the precautions you should take around the office to stop little hazard potentials blowing out of proportion.

Having a Break Room

If you’ve got a break room, you’ve got a clear and safe space for your staff to eat and drink away from any computers or printers or copy machines. There won’t be any chance a bit of coffee or tea or water will go awry over a keyboard and mouse set, and you won’t be pulling the equipment away from the walls in a month’s time only to discover all the stains that are creating the horrible smell no one can stand anymore.

So when you set up a break room, make sure you give your employees plenty of time to sit in there and have a break! Make it a similar rule to never have an uncapped drink mug or cup on a desk, and keep the water machine well away from anything technological on the other side of the room.

That’ll keep repair costs down to a minimum, and make it practically impossible for any liquid or misuse breakages to come about – it’s a lot cheaper to get a repairman in for some crossed wires no one could have tampered with than getting the insurance to fork out for an accident.

Hiring After-Hours Cleaners

Your office needs to stay as clean as possible, to make sure people can always work in it without getting sick or needing to sort through piles and piles of files and papers just to get some simple emails sent off. But cleaning the entire office suite is going to take a lot of time out of your working day if you ever thought of doing so on your own, and it’s not something you can ask of your staff either. Try a company like Green Facilities a commercial cleaning company that offers regular and periodic contract cleaning services to Offices, Retail Stores, Pubs & Clubs, Gyms & Health Clubs, Hotels and other commercial venues.

Whilst hiring some after-hours office cleaning might be an expense upfront, it’s a great investment for keeping costs down later. You won’t be buffing the payroll for overtime concerns, and you’ll be able to go home on time, saving on the office heating and electricity bills.

Taking a few precautions here and there is very important in business, especially in the office.

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