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After the cat destroyed the divan in my daughter’s room by using it as a scratching post, I thought it time to buy a new bed frame so browsed through Amazon for our budget bed.

I came across a double metal framed bed in black, with a heart on the headboard and foot of the bed which my daughter loved the look of. We decided to go for that as it was priced at a reasonable £57.99 plus a little more to have it delivered on a convenient day.

assembling bed

It came on time, so we set out to put it together. Unfortunately, we had some bolts missing in ours. Luckily a trip to B&Q, we found suitable substitutes which worked a treat.

After 3 hours, we finished and I’m very pleased with the result. My daughter loves it, plus it has plenty of storage space underneath!

It’s actually the #1 bestseller on Amazon at the moment. I read the reviews, some good some bad. I think if you put it together loosely then tighten up all the nuts and bolts at the end it’s easier to fit together. Yes, we had a setback with the bolts, but that wasn’t the end of the world and we ended up with a nice looking bed at a great price. It looks great decorated with light up hearts too!

View the bed here>>

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