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The decision to get a puppy is a huge and life-changing one. As fun and cuddly as they may be, they’re a lot of work and a big responsibility. Far too many puppies are taken to rescue centres and kennels each year because their new owners simply weren’t up to looking after them.

If you’re sure that you’re right for the job, then you should make the transition easier by properly preparing. With that in mind, here are six things you should do to prepare for your new pooch.

Set Your Ground Rules

Before you can bring your little one home, you need to set a few ground rules, both for your family and your new puppy. You should agree who will be handling the feedings, walks, training and more, and understand where in the house your puppy is allowed and whether or not they can go on furniture. By sticking to this, you should prevent any arguments or confusion later on.

Choose The Right Food

Puppies like to eat an awful lot, so it’s crucial that you find healthy food that’s formulated to meet their nutritional needs. To make the first few feedings easier, you should stick to the diet that they’re already used to, and then slowly transition to a different brand if you feel that you need to. If you’re struggling to pick a formula, then speak to your vet for ideas of the best options.

Buy The Necessary Supplies

Like babies, puppies need a lot of stuff, so don’t be fooled into thinking that a food and water bowl will do. They’ll need a collar, leash, toys, pads, brushes, barriers, and so much more too.

Since puppies grow pretty fast, you’ll also need a dog flap that even a puppy or a cat can open. To save yourself unnecessary trips, you should stock up on these supplies before your puppy arrives. Puppy playpens are a brilliant idea, they keep your puppy in one area. They are large enough to have a sleeping area and to have a toilet and food area. Many come with bases so your floor doesn’t get ruined.

Find A Trusted Vet

Not too long after coming home, your puppy is going to need vaccinations and a vet check. Because of this, you should research different vets in your area and choose one that you trust as soon as possible.

To save yourself worry and money, later on, you should look into pet insurance. Like with food, your vet may have some ideas of the best dog insurance companies to go with. Dog welfare is so important and must be made a top priority.

Move Your Prized Possessions

Whether you like it or not, your puppy is going to bound around and try to chew anything it can get its paws on. Because of this, you may want to put away anything you’d rather not have ruined. You should also make sure that power cords are tucked away so that they don’t get any nasty shocks. Spray with a non-toxic bitter spray to discourage chewing altogether.

Give Them Some Space

When you already have other pets, bringing a puppy home can be incredibly overwhelming for everyone involved. To make matters a little easier, you should take things slowly and set up a room just for your new pup. This should be cosy and filled with toys, bedding, and food. Giving them this space can help them to get used to your home and make the transition easier.

Getting a puppy is a huge responsibility, so prepare properly by following the advice above.

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