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Priceless Brand Awareness Advice For Bricks And Mortar Businesses


Although the eCommerce industry is in vogue at the moment, you opted for a brick and mortar building. Unlike most people, you realise the majority of money is spent in-store rather than online. And, that’s with an increased market share of 15% for websites and online shops too.

The physical shop is still the king as far as customers are concerned, yet you can’t rest on your laurels. As the shift from traditional to new-age continues to grow, it’s essential to cement your dominance.

Bricks and mortar businesses can do this by raising awareness of the building and brand. Continue reading to find out how you can make this happen.



The first thing customers should be able to do is to see the building. Those that can’t aren’t going to notice and the effect will be negated. You can add the bells and whistles later; for now, it’s time to concentrate on opening up the exterior.

Tidying up the clutter takes the focus away from the mess, which is helpful on two fronts: visibility and brand reflection. Rock breaking and land clearing prevent obstacles – trees, stones – from obstructing the view of passers-by. And, LED lights ensure the business is noticeable when the sun sets.


Visual Merchandising

There is no need to invest in fancy advertising methods when you have everything you need in-store. The company’s products are what you’re trying to sell, so use them to grab the customer’s attention. Window displays catch the eye of people on the street and make them curious about what’s on offer, especially if the price is right.

Standing out from the crowd is vital, which is why you need to get creative. A method you can steal is to use real-life models instead of mannequins. Not only are they attractive, but they can upsell.



Relying on an open layout and hunky men and beautiful women are only a start. As well as grabbing their attention, you need to show them why you’re the best choice. A sign is a fantastic tool for this very reason. Firstly, it often dominates the eye line so it’ll be hard to miss. Also, you can add a small description and show off the brand’s personality.

Sometimes, a play on words or a clever phrase is enough to make shoppers think “yep, this is my kind of shop.” Techies should include electronic signs as they have a 15% to 150% better hit rate.



These are plants and flowers which spruce up the dimensions of a boring exterior. Greenery is pretty, so it’s an instant winner, and it adds a contrast when you mix floor and wall plants. More importantly, it implies the business is an eco-friendly one. Shoppers value morality more than ever before, and a line of planters outside will make them assume you’re fighting the good fight. Whether you are or not is irrelevant as it’s about their perception.

Bricks and mortar are the foundations; now it’s time to give them a makeover.

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