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If you want to make the effort to save a bit of money short term, this is a handy printable 20-weeks savings plan can help you keep a record.

How Much Can I Save?

If you can put away £50 per week, that’s £1000 in just 20 weeks, this would be great for holiday savings or putting it aside for something special.

Not everyone can afford put this much away each week though, but saving something is better than saving nothing at all, even if you only put away £10 per week.

Having a plan will help you achieve your money-saving goals and avoid overspending.

If you have a goal, it will make you think twice before buying anything knowing that you need to put a certain amount away every week.

How To Use The 20 Weeks Savings Plan

Starting from the top line, enter the amount you wish to save and tick if you’ve put it aside or put a cross if you don’t save anything that week. Add it all up at the end of 20 weeks.

You’ll be more inclined to save if you note it all down and keep track!

This is free to download, print and use. The download link is below.

20 weeks savings plan pdf

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