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If you’ve been thinking about purchasing an elliptical trainer, it’s a good idea to thoroughly research the pros and cons of this sophisticated fitness equipment. It compares well with many competing exercise machines but isn’t always the best option.

person standing on an elliptical trainer

How Big is an Elliptical Trainer?

An elliptical trainer will occupy a substantial amount of room in your home. It’s bigger than an upright exercise bicycle but comparable to a recumbent bike or weight-lifting machine.

There are space-saving models available and also compact foot pedal-only designs that can be easily stored in the home.

You will only benefit from a lower-body workout with the foot pedal-only versions, however, they are ideal if you are short on space. You can always exercise the upper body with a set of weights.

Foot-pedal-only elliptical trainer fits handily under a desk or in a cupboard.

Are Ellipticals Easy To Put Together?

The elliptical is a relatively complicated piece of equipment. Consequently, it can take a few hours to put together. You could avoid this step by purchasing a fully assembled used machine, but it will be more challenging to transport.

Some companies offer an assembly service such as NordicTrack. They will deliver and assemble your elliptical trainer in your home for a fee. Details of this service can be found on their delivery page.

Does an Elliptical Give You a Full Body Workout?

This equipment lets you simultaneously exercise your arms, legs, and various other muscles. It offers an effective way to keep healthy, burn calories and lose weight. However, you might favour a bike, treadmill or compact elliptical if you want to concentrate on just your legs.

No Sitting

Unlike some physical activities, using an elliptical doesn’t involve any sitting. Many people appreciate this because they already spend too much time sitting in offices, cars, and living rooms.

An Elliptical Trainer is Low Impact

If you’ve suffered a severe injury that affects your exercise routine, you may prefer this machine. It involves less physical impact than some of the alternatives, such as treadmills.

Do Ellipticals Need Power?

Most models draw electrical power from batteries or a wall outlet. A few machines save energy and eliminate cords by generating their electricity when people use them. Unfortunately, these units remain comparatively rare.

VIAVITO Sina Elliptical Cross Trainer.

Elliptical Trainer Cost

Retailers sell elliptical trainers at a wide range of prices. They tend to cost more than exercise bikes but less than treadmills. The full-body workout may allow you to replace two different machines with one piece of equipment.


If you want to exercise as quietly as possible, you’ll need to compare specific models. Nonetheless, you’re likely to make less noise if you use an upright bike and lift dumbbells afterwards.

An elliptical trainer is desirable if you want a single affordable machine that exercises many different muscles at the same time. Be sure to try out this equipment before buying it. You can do so at local fitness centres and stores that sell exercise machines.

The pros and cons of elliptical trainers.

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