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Why I’m raving about Cuerpa’s Venus ultra-hydrating oil

If you want skin that glows, hydrating your skin must be your top priority. And if you love your skin as I do, you’ll be on the lookout for something that’ll keep the moisture locked in to make sure your skin stays hydrated. I was on the lookout for something for my skin and found Cuerpa Venus Ultra-hydrating oil.

Product Description

This luxurious and lightweight body oil brings a healthy, hydrated glow and infuses the skin with nutrients while balancing out moisture. Its top ingredients are Neroli oil, Rose Hip and Moroccan Rose.

For me, Cuerpa’s Ultra-hydrating oil is a winner. It’s packed full of nourishing oils like Neroli oil and Rosehip, it also contains antioxidants and anti-bacterial properties, which help repair the skin and regenerate damaged skin.

If you’re looking for a product that’ll fade those stubborn stretch marks on any part of your body and acne on your face, you can’t go wrong with the Venus ultra-hydrating oil.

Another thing I love about this moisturizing oil is that it suits even oily skin types. If you have oily skin, the chances are that you’re scared of venturing into the use of oils because it may make your skin more greasy. 

I can assure you that this won’t be your experience with the Venus Ultra-hydrating oil. The reason being is that it’s so lightweight it doesn’t leave a greasy residue on your skin, neither will it clog your pores.  In fact, using oil on oily skin actually makes it less oily.

Venus Body Oil
Venus Body Oil

Perhaps the most exciting thing I can point out about this product is that it doesn’t just feel good and smell nice; it works. This isn’t surprising because it contains:

Avocado oil:

This protects the skin from damage and can also be used to soothe itchy skin.

Sweet almond oil:

This absorbs into the skin quickly and cleans the skin by purging away the toxins. Trust it also to reduce those annoying wrinkles caused by harsh weather and stress too.

Apricot kernel oil:

This helps to make your skin soft, lighten dark spots and cause your skin to glow.

With the combination of all these oils, it’s not hard to see why you begin to see improvements three or four times after applying this product.

All year-round, regardless of the season, you can count on Venus Ultra-hydrating oil to get rid of dead cells and give you healthy, glowing skin, and protect your skin by making sure you get adequately hydrated at all times.

Not to mention that the scent is so luxurious it boosts your self-confidence and makes you smell and feel great. All in all, it’s an excellent bargain for the $52 it’s worth.

The only drawback for me is that I wish it came with a glass dropper, so it’s easier for me to measure and use. But that aside that, Cuerpa’s Venus Ultra-hydrating oil is a go for me.

This luxurious and lightweight body oil brings a healthy, hydrated glow and infuses the skin with nutrients while balancing out moisture.

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