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If you work from home, you know how important it is to designate functions to a specific room. Working in your bedroom is never ideal and will be counterproductive in the long run.

You know you need to make some sort of office space where you can get into ‘work mode’ and make sure you get things done. But what if you have a spare room after you have created your office space? Sure, it could be a box room, but there are way more fun options out there!

Rooms You Should Have Working From Home

For The Writer

A writing-room is essential. It’s a room that feels nice enough to feel comfortable in but is also devoid of clutter and distractions. You want it well lit, so your eyes don’t have to strain and kept at a pleasant temperature.

Daylight would be essential if you plan to write during the day. A comfortable desk and chair to make sure you can write for hours on end. Some green would be beautiful, such as a leafy plant or bonsai tree. If you prefer, you can have an excellent sound system to play some music, but try to avoid having a TV in the room.

Keep the design minimalistic and easy to clean. And if you genuinely want to go over the top, maybe ditch the laptop and replace it with and actual lint typewriter. While you’re at it, replace the sound system with a record player.

For The Romantic

If you are to have a writing room, why not a reading room as well? Everyone needs a spot where they can curl up and enjoy a good book.

As opposed to the writing room, this can be a room full of distractions and decorations, as long there is a prominent place where you can be comfortable getting engrossed in a book. Few demands though: a good place for a cup of tea and biscuits! And if you need an excuse, just pretend this the spare bedroom for guests! There is always a reason why you really need this room!

For The Photographer

A dark room was one of those things that used to be on everyone’s list. Nowadays, with digital SLRs, nobody really needs a dark room, cause when are you really going to develop your pictures?

Also, some of the chemicals required might put you off. But what if you had the time and resources? And who cares it’s so very much extra? If you want a dark room, you should have one!

A dark room would be great to make some beautiful prints of your photos. That is if you can master the very specific techniques of developing your own film! At any rate, it’s a great way to spend time working and studying your photography.

You will have to decide how much this room is just for you, or it’s a shared space. If you like the idea of your own space, treat it like what is a data room in M&A, for example, no unsupervised access for others and everything under lock and key. Your space, your rules.

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