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Run A Bar? Make Things Easier For Yourself


The history of bar work is quite interesting, to say the least. Winehouse’s in Ancient Greece to taverns in Medieval England to Saloons out on the Wild West, you can be sure that if there’s a society to be explored, there are most likely places in which you can purchase and imbibe alcohol.

If you run a bar, you will likely find your hands full up from all the work you have to do. It might look like a constant party for your patrons, but of course, that’s only one, very surface level impression you might get from this. Running a bar is essential to do right if you’re going to do it at all, so it pays to know how to do so, and how to make things easier for yourself.

Consider my simple tips for ensuring that no matter the style, tradition or reputation of your bar, you are well catered for each and every evening:


Use Convenient Platforms

Running a website, operating systems such as payment or ordering tab options, and effectively automating some of the processes in your bar can be done with systems such as those offered by Tipsy Table. These website and apps allow you to bring people together, to potentially celebrate the life of your bar safely, and to ensure that customers are familiar with your process and are able to respect the establishment upon walking in there. Of course, sometimes you need to ensure this a little more firmly. For that you’ll need:


Good Security

If there’s one universal truth you can say about human beings, it’s that when they’re drunk, they like to cause trouble. This is why hiring the services of a professional security outfit, or one or two guards that work directly for you and are qualified with the relevant authority can prevent those too drunk for reason from entering and can defuse conflicts before they get out of hand.

A great security camera system may be legally required in order to provide evidence to the police. Good security is also essential in the form of who you accept in. Only allowing in a certain kind of clientele (such as those in suits and suit shoes,) can help you avoid becoming the watering hole for aggressive sports fans, and help you retain the atmosphere there.


Hire Bar Backs

The bar back’s are essential in order to organize and effectively ensure your bar keeps rotating glasses, ensures the drinking areas are cleaned, and reports as an extra set of eyes to prevent any conflicts or difficulties from taking place. They can be real heroes to your main bar staff, help keep the bar clean and debris-free, and generally ensure that your bar retains a sense of organization and charm.

Bars are seemingly excellent at devolving into chaos, even the better ones, so with a competent management team supported by these very competent staff members, you are sure to develop a much more productive, healthy and worthwhile bar.

With these simple tips, your efforts running a competent business that happens to serve alcohol will keep your establishment successful, safe, and competent in the long term.

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