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Simple Ways to Boost Your Memory


There are many ways that you can improve your memory and keep it strong. The stronger your memory, the easier it is for you to recall important information that you may need later like the name of a co-worker’s daughter or the protocol for sending out a memo at the office. Here are a few easy things you can that make recall simple and easy…


Sip Your Coffee

After learning new information, you may want to make a quick run to your local Starbucks. A recent study indicates that consuming caffeine after you experience something new helps your brain process the information.

Simple Ways To Boost Your Memory

However, caffeine doesn’t seem to have any effect before you learn something new. Scientists suspect that something about caffeine allows the brain to consolidate facts and figures easily. So go ahead and order that latte!


Practice Meditation

Meditation improves memory. Scientists have many theories about why this activity helps the brain. Some think it has to do with increased blood flow to the region of the brain known as the cerebral cortex. Others believe it affects the beta waves by calming them, allowing you to take in new information.

Regardless of the cause, you don’t have to dedicate hours of your day to meditate. Even meditating for short periods of time can begin to boost your memory in positive ways.


Chew Gum

Some research studies show that chewing gum while processing information can make it easier for you to remember those new facts. One theory is that chewing gum lights up the hippocampus, the part of the brain responsible for your long-term memory.

An alternative theory is that chewing gum raises the heart rate. As a result, more blood is flowing to your brain, keeping you alert and focused.


Take a Nap

Researchers have long known that sleep can help you consolidate information. But don’t feel like your only chance to improve your memory is your nightly sleep routine. You can also boost your brain function by taking a short nap.

Scientists in a recent study had participants memorize patterns. Afterwards, one group was allowed to nap and the other one was not. To their surprise, the group of nappers performed better than the ones who didn’t get a mid-day siesta.


Get Moving

Regular movement can prevent memory loss. Taking time to exercise daily improves blood flow to the brain, boosts neurotransmitters like serotonin (making you feel good), and keeps you alert throughout the day.

But don’t feel like you have to become a gym rat. You can choose to exercise by weeding your garden, following kickboxing DVDs in your living room, or playing a basketball game with your teenagers. The important thing is to choose activities that are fun and exciting to you because you’ll be more likely to stick with them, which keeps your brain healthier.

Challenge yourself to pick one of these tips and implement it this week. Whether that’s going for a coffee run after learning a new skill or signing up for Zumba classes, do something that will improve your cognitive function!

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Simple Ways To Boost Your Memory


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