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Not all of us are blessed with a big kitchen, and modern homes offer limited space for entertainment and socialization. If you are unhappy with the space you have and the storage, it might be time to rethink your design and find a way to upgrade this important room in your house. Below you will find a few actionable tips on how to get started and make your kitchen space work for you.

Smart Storage

If you take ages to find something, there is a problem with your kitchen organization or storage. You might have too many pots, but not enough shelves. Maybe your drawers get stuck whenever you place something else on top. These problems can be solved by simply redesigning your storage.

There are some great space saving kitchen storage available that make the most out of your space under the sink. You can even install a spice rack on the back of the kitchen doors, so you can organize your items and save space.

Open Plan to Reduce Wall Space

In case you are living in a home that is older, you might not have the benefit of an open plan design. Getting rid of the walls will help you make your kitchen look and feel less claustrophobic and more connected with the rest of the house. You should get rid of the walls that have no purpose of benefit for your home, and let the light in. Open plan kitchens generally suit our busy lifestyle. Walls will make you feel enclosed and disconnected with the rest of the family. Not to mention that they will make your kitchen look too small and dark. Find a way to overcome this by cutting an opening between the kitchen and the dining area.

Natural Light

Natural light can change the look and feel of your kitchen. If you have only one window, you might feel like you are completely alone when cooking. Lift your mood by opening up your kitchen to the light, adding more windows, or a patio door. Of course, you will need some storage surface and wall space for your appliances, so it is better to talk to an interior designer first. Make sure that you are not compromising on storage and wall space. You can have an elegant light on the ceiling, but nothing can replace sunshine when it comes to lifting your mood.


If you have the budget, you can also get an extension built at the back of your house, It is important that you get a planning permission before you get into the planning. You can extend your kitchen into the conservatory and benefit from more space and light. Alternatively, you could add a dining area that will make your kitchen look more spacious and more social at the same time. When getting an extension, you might even build  a brand new kitchen with a better layout, and use the old one to be a part of your living space, or turn it into a dining room.

Making Use of Dead Space

There is probably some dead space in your kitchen, You might be struggling to make use of the corners and find the best way of storing your items, One of the best solutions that can help you with this problem is getting in touch with The Corner Fridge Company, so you can utilize your space better in the future. Dead space is everywhere, at the back of your cupboards where you can’t reach, or the corner.  

Taller Cupboards

Taller Cupboards

In case you are really struggling with storage space, you might want to make your top kitchen cabinets taller. This will give you an extra shelf of two to store your glasses or your plates. You will not need extra floor space, so you can still walk around the kitchen, and you can finally find the right spot for that smoothie maker or waffle machine.

Built In Appliances

You can also save a lot of space using built-in appliances. You will need to consider getting a kitchen unit that safely stores your freezer and washing machine away. After all, you don’t want all your appliances on display. Flush kitchen designs can help you make your room look more sophisticated, and you could make use of an extra drawer or two just between the work surface and the oven.  

Moving Your Heating Appliances

When you have a small kitchen, you might want to get smart when it comes to heating. Many homeowners struggle with finding the right place for their radiators. If you have an open plan home, chances are that you might not even need a permanent radiator in the kitchen, so you can free up some work surface.


Decluttering is also important when you are looking to create more space in your kitchen. Organization is everything, and you might want to get rid or the items you no longer use. If you have two or more sets of dining utensils, give one away to a charity organization, and start using the one still in the box. There’s no point trying to save things for later, and letting them take up the space in the kitchen. You might also have some kitchen appliances that you haven’t used for a while. Let someone else make use of them,

Keep It Tidy

One of the most important things you should do when trying to create space in your home is tidying up. Does your kitchen sparkle in the light? Is it easy to clean? The more appliances you have out, the more cluttered your kitchen will look. You might want to start with a spring cleaning, so you can get rid of the things that hinder the looks of your kitchen.

If you don’t have the kitchen you always wanted, there are some little things you can change that will make a big difference. Make sure that you have ticked all the boxes before you get the builders in and start creating a mess in your home.

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