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I was really excited when the courier delivered a new pair of *leather sandals that I’d ordered from Grattan for the Summer. I was especially happy because they were not only in the sale, they had a discount coupon applied as well.  I paid just over £14 for them in the end, what a bargain, considering they were priced at £65 previously!

Squeaky Sandals

I tried them on and started to walk around and much to the amusement of my daughter, the leather was rubbing making an annoying squeaking sound. I thought “Oh no, I can’t wear these, I’ll have to send them back!”. It would have been embarrassing walking around with that noise.

Luckily after a bit of Googling on how to stop sandals squeaking, I came across a few websites saying the answer is Talcum Powder. Talcum powder? Yes really!

I honestly didn’t think it would work but thought I’d give it a try, so off I popped to the shop to get some Baby Powder.

I rubbed the talc underneath the straps on all areas where the leather crossed over, then tried them on again and can you believe it? It worked! I don’t know how but it does.

No more squeaking, Yay! Try this fix yourself next time you get a squeaky pair of shoes or sandals.

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