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Life is a competition. We spend our whole lives trying to be the best we can be and trying to be better than our competitors. In school, we fight to get the best grades, then we compete for a place in college, and then for our job role. Everything in our lives forces us to strive to be the best and we often don’t know where to start. To truly stand out from the crowd and shine, here is everything you should do.

Standing Out In Life

Be unique

First of all, don’t be like every other person who comes through the door. Whether you are trying to get the job you want, find a partner or simply want to be heard: you need to be yourself.

We have a tendency to tone down our unique quirks when we first meet someone and only let them show once we know them, but this shouldn’t be the case. We should be able to show everything that is unique about us from the word go and let someone make a decision based on who we truly are. Try your best to let your quirks out and you will see that people will pay more attention to you.

Act confident

… and no one will question you.

Confidence is something which most of us struggle with in life due to the fact we want to please people, I myself have been a people pleaser most of my life and am only just learning not to.

If you struggle with being confident when you first meet people, you are likely going to display signals of your nerves. Your body language will be hunched and small, your voice might shake and you might struggle to keep up a conversation.

When you meet someone and you act this way, they easily dismiss you and forget you. If you want to make an impression you need to learn to act confident. Even if you are the most nervous person in the world, acting like a confident person will fool other people and it will make you be heard.

Play on your skills

What are you really good at in life? Are you great at website design, art, music, blogging, and maybe even coding? If you have certain skills and hobbies in which you excel in life, you need to use these skills to make your tone of voice heard and stand out from everyone else before you. You are talented and unique in many ways, and it is these things which can propel you above the rest and stand you out as the winner in any situation.

Show some colour

The way you present yourself to the world also helps to form people’s opinions. If your wardrobe currently consists of black, black and more black, why not go for a shopping trip and change a few things in your wardrobe?

How about going on a shopping spree and making sure you only pick out colours? Coloured clothes can make a big difference to your style and they can allow you to stand out from a crowd in literal terms. If you want to be seen and recognised, put on bold colours like red or pink and let people notice you.

Standing Out In Life

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