Start An Eco-Friendly Business

Start An Eco-Friendly Business

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Start An Eco-Friendly Business

If you would like to start your own business doing something worthwhile by helping to save the planet, promoting natural, cruelty- free products may appeal to you.

Read on about becoming an Independent Distributor working alongside the direct marketing company Wikaniko.

Wikaniko was established in 2007. I’ve been with this company for over two and a half years now and sell their products along with other products from various suppliers. I can honestly say this is the only MLM company I have found where the products sell really well. They stock a lot of top brands that people want.

I’ve put together a few common questions that are usually asked, please read them below.

Here are a few common questions people ask:

How do I start?

You can start straight away by selling products at retail prices and purchasing them at wholesale prices. You can have them drop shipped to your customers so there is no requirement to hold stock. You can run your business at home if you wish to sell online, sell on eBay, hold stalls at fairs and markets, use social media, or sell door to door with catalogues. There are many ways that you can work your business.

From the sales generated you can also earn a commission based on personal sales volume.

How do I build up this business?

You can further build your business by recruiting a team and earn commission from your team’s sales creating a residual income in addition to your retail income.

What kind of support am I going to get?

You will receive ongoing support from head office, support through the Training Academy and support from myself. There’s also an online bookkeeping service to keep your accounts in order, you can try this out for free, then decide if you wish to continue.

Why should I join now?

Now is a fantastic time to join Wikaniko. New and exciting eco-friendly products are constantly being sourced. There’s plenty to offer your customers. It fits easily around your children and provides an extra income.

How Much Does It Cost?

Wikaniko is an excellent direct marketing company that offers great value. The initial administration cost is only £24.95, followed by a monthly website hosting fee for your website of Just £4.95 (both paid via PayPal) for this low cost you can run your very own eco-business, you can also reduce your household outgoings, and know that you are helping to save the planet at the same time.

This business can be run alongside any existing job you may already have so you can build it at your leisure without compromising your existing income.

Building this business up has many benefits including a residual income in the future if you put in the hard work. Note: this is not a get rich quick scheme, like any business hard work and dedication, are required.

If it’s not for you simply stop your Paypal subscription, so what have you got to lose?

If you would like to join please follow this link HERE then click ‘Create an Account’  at the bottom of the page. A form will open which should display my name as Enrolling Sponsor at the top (like below)

If my name doesn’t appear here and someone else’s name is there, please enter my name Susan Foster and number 105836 in the field on the form which says “If you know who introduced you, please enter their name or Id number here”. This is important or you will not be able to get my help and support with your business without the correct details. (see image below)

Alternatively, you can email me here with any questions:


Statutory Warning
It is illegal for a promoter or participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme. Do not be misled that high earnings are easily achieved.


Start An Eco-Friendly Business

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