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Being a parent is not an easy task. Balancing work and rearing your children can be complex and challenging. But when parents have to juggle working from home and being a parent at the same time, that is even more challenging.

Due to the pandemic, most parents have to do a balancing act between parenting and working. Before the pandemic, people have a sense of differences between rest, time to be with family, and time for work. But everything has been blurred because of the stay-at-home protocols because of the strict lockdowns.

For a lot of parents, the current situation has been difficult. Understandably, some were thrown off because no one saw this coming. The pandemic hit the world in the most unexpected way. But parents need to remember that they are the stability that their children need. It may be an unprecedented time, but you can make it a little better for your children.

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Creating New Routines

Here are just some of the things that you can do to help your children cope with the changes and the stress. The first thing that you can do is set up a new normal for them. Norms have been drastically changed since the start of the pandemic. You need to adopt a new system that can work for them. Drafting a routine for them like getting up at a regular time and starting any school work at a set time will help them have some sense of semblance to normalcy.

Practice Good Hygiene

Emphasize the importance of hygiene. Even with the lockdown, children need to know that this pandemic is a health-related crisis. This is an opportunity for your children to know how important it is to be hygienic. Start with the simple washing of their hands. It is not enough to dip your hands into the water. Show them how a good wash of hands can help them stay safe and protected from the covid-19 virus.

Aside from that, it is also crucial for them to wash and take a bath every day. This can also protect your children from the virus. As early as possible, good practice of hygiene must be instilled. Do not just stop there. Oral hygiene is also paramount. It is best to impress on them the value of this practice, especially as they grow older. One thing to make it more fun for them is to have fun things to use while brushing or cleaning. Older children can use a high-tech ultrasonic toothbrush to make their oral habits more thorough and engaging.

Take Care of Their Physical and Mental Health

Having a healthy routine can help children to cope with the changes and the stress that the pandemic can bring. Other than having that routine, you can also include physical activity such as exercising. Exercising is not only good for maintaining physical health, but it also affects mental health. It boosts the happy hormones, and it allows the body to have an outlet, especially now that people have to stay indoors.

But other than physical activity, parents must also look out for the emotional and mental well-being of their children. Perhaps, above all else, that’s the most important aspect to consider in dealing with the issues of children during the pandemic. How can you start conversing with your children about what’s happening? As a parent, it is essential to be honest with your children. Be straightforward with them regarding the situation but also explain it in a language that they can understand.

It is necessary to have an open line communication with your children. Make them feel safe to open up to you regarding their worries and concerns about the whole situation. Be receptive and avoid being dismissive of their feelings.

There is so much to consider, especially with the COVID-19 situation. It can be overwhelming as a parent, and sometimes you are also just as confused about everything. In times like this, there is support, Young Minds have a helpline for parents and can be contacted by phone, webchat or email.

Now is an unprecedented time for all. No one saw this coming, and it has altered everything-from the way we do things to the way we consume. However, the most important things in life still remain, like family, health, and security. Be there for your children in these trying times. It will help them, and it will definitely help you get through the pandemic.

Taking Care of Your Children Amid the Pandemic. It may be an unprecedented time, but you can make it a little better for your children.

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