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The Clock Is Ticking - Starting A Business In One Month

31 days. 744 Hours. 44,640 Minutes. Do you think this is enough time to set up a business? You may have harboured dreams about running your own business for so long, but life got in the way, or you felt intimidated by the whole process. But it seems that most of us thrive when we’re under pressure. So if you’ve been hankering to start your own business for so long, why don’t you set yourself this deadline? It may seem unachievable, but let’s break it down…

What You Need To Do Right Away

Any great business relies on one thing, a great idea. If you don’t have one, allow your brain to splurge as many different ideas as possible. Don’t think about it, just do it. As many great writers have said, writing is rewriting. Put down on paper any thought that comes into your head, and you can clean it up later.

Creating A Small Version

Getting your business out there is the goal, and while you might find that you’d rather refine as you go, as long as you get your first client, even if you don’t get paid for it, this means your business is officially up and running, even if it’s in a crude form.

From here, you can add the more official aspects as you go. For example, registering your company formation on is quick and effortless. Likewise, online tools are so diverse now, that you can get everything set up without leaving your home.

Sourcing contractors through websites like Upwork can get the right people to design your website, or write your copy. But, on the other hand, there are sites like EKM that can enable you to do it by yourself, with pre-existing templates.

The goal is setting up a business, so even if every aspect is in its embryonic form, these are things you can change as you go.

Drafting A Quick Business Plan

A great business plan is long and complex, but what you need at the very outset is a few simple answers. Your target annual income is, really, the only thing you need to know at this juncture. And you can calculate this in relation to the price you want to charge customers, in conjunction with your outgoings.

You can work at improving your business plan later, especially when it comes to how you envision your business progressing over the years. Once you have a better idea of your projections, you can then go to money lenders for business loans.

And if you are deathly serious about setting up a business, it can be done in 31 days. But you have to be sure that you’ve got enough capital behind you to sustain your life during this 1 month. Throughout this first month, focus on getting your first client or customer. This is the hardest bit, and once you’ve acquired one, then you can expand other areas, from your marketing to a better website. It can be done, so go do it!

The Clock Is Ticking - Starting A Business In One Month

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