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The Photography Super Bundle 2018


As you browse the internet, do you feel like most of the photography tips you find are things you already know?

Are you looking for ways to take your photography to the next level, but you aren’t sure where to turn?

If you’re looking for something more challenging and consider yourself to be an intermediate or advanced photographer, then I’d like to tell you about the Photography Super Bundle and point out the resources that really match up with your skill level.

Is editing an area you’d like to improve in? You’ll love SnapEdit, a masterclass that will give you a precise system you can implement to cut your editing time drastically.

Plus, you’ll get editing preset collections for:

    • Travel photography
    • Landscape photography
    • Both black & white and colour portraits
    • And general photography

Everything I’ve mentioned so far is included in the bundle.

Are you ready to direct your focus to capture breathtaking photos in exotic or unique situations? Check out these eCourses and eBooks which are also included in the bundle.

        • Cameras in the Wild: A Guide for the Adventuring Photomaker
        • The Essentials of Street Photography
        • Radiate: Rediscovering Your Inner Glow Behind The Lens

This bundle is the real deal and is filled with eBooks and eCourses created by elite photographers who are making a real living with their photography.

This is a chance to fill your photography library with advanced trainings and resources so you can find your next breakthrough and continue to hone your skills. (And don’t worry, if you’re a beginning photographer with big dreams, this bundle has you covered, too.)

Contained within this course are 19 eBooks, 14 eCourses, 1 membership site, and 6 tools to make photography easier such a presets and templates. There’s also a getting started guide to walk you through what’s in the bundle, so you know where to start and which tools match up with your specific needs and interests.

If you’re interested but not totally sure, Ultimate Bundles offers a 30-Day Happiness Guarantee. So you’re welcome to buy the bundle and try it out yourself.

Currently, on sale, Monday, December 10, 2018, through Sunday, June 30, 2019, priced at $67

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The Photography Super Bundle 2018

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