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Running a business means you have to face many challenges and solving the problems as they arise is an art form. Most problems are made up of two parts, the material aspect and the emotional one. Identifying them is the vital first step to finding an answer for any business issue.

All business owners face issues every day, and the successful ones just deal with them and then concentrates on running their business. You cannot let a problem distract you from that, as you will see your business start to suffer if you do.

Decide What The Problem Really Is

You need to take a close look at the issue and decide what the problem really is. Could it be an issue that will create problems for workers, for management or for you? Will the answer upset people or will they just be glad it has been dealt with? Breaking the problem down in this way will give you a clearer picture of how to solve it.

Look To The Past For Inspiration

Business problems tend to repeat themselves and you should look back and see what was done last time it occurred. Sometimes, just by following what happened before can put matters right, but you need to ask yourself was the answer effective enough, or do you have a better solution this time around?

Remember that things change over time, so what was a suitable answer a couple of years ago, might not be now.

Be Prepared For Anything

There are some business problems you can be prepared for, such as taking regular backups of all your data in case a power cut puts all your computers off for a while.  There are simple things like making sure you have an adequate first aid kit in case of minor injuries, or having the phone number of a grit spreader to hand , or even your own grit spreader,in case there is a downfall of snow and you need your entrances cleared for vehicles.

Being prepared for some issues can save a lot of time and money when they happen.

Talk With Your Team About The Problem

It could be that the problem you are facing is something you have never encountered before but a member of your team may have experienced something similar. It is worth calling them together and discussing the issue as sometimes voicing the problem out loud gives you a clearer picture of what you are facing.

Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself

Solving problems can create a lot of stress, but you just need to remember there is always an answer somewhere.  If you become anxious and get stressed out because of this problem, you will not think so clearly and solving it will be much harder. If you feel the stress coming on, find a quiet place, sit back for a while and let yourself calm down. Remind yourself that you are good enough to get this matter sorted and then take a fresh look at how the problem has occurred.

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