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Thinking Business How To Get The Entrepreneurial Mindset


Have you ever thought about starting your own business, only to dismiss the idea because you don’t think you have the right qualities? Well, it may be time to think again.

Although it is true that business leaders tend to have certain traits in common, you don’t have to have been born with them. An entrepreneurial mindset is definitely something you can practice and grow into. So if the idea of trading your nine to five for flexible working hours and being your own boss still appeals, get on board with the following qualities and before you know it, you could be ready to launch out on your own.


Define Your Vision

A sense of vision is what guides business leaders on their quest and gets them through many of the challenges they encounter on the way. Everyone has a unique vision of what they want to do with their business and also what they want it to bring them, but entrepreneurs are more in touch with this than most.

It may help to create a visioning board picturing exactly why you want to be successful – from winning an award for the best catering business in the region to being able to purchase a dream home or visit the Jaguar Dealers for a new car. Whatever your dreams, bring them to life as a big motivating force.


Learn To Problem Solve

A lot of running your own business is actually defined by your ability to deal with curveballs and resolve problem situations in a proactive manner, and this is also a learnt skill rather than an innate ability. Learn to go by trial and error, and to develop the emotional resilience not to be crushed by setbacks. Failure is actually the most valuable part of the process, as it has so much to teach you- it’s an essential part of your future success.

Challenging yourself to do things differently can really help, whether that is reading a different genre of a book than you normally do or just having a conversation that is out of your usual comfort zone. Opening yourself up to new experiences will encourage you to think outside of the box when it comes to your business.


Look At Adding Value

Great businesspeople have one thing in common – they are consistently able to provide value, whether that is to customers or to colleagues, funders and anyone else you come into contact within the course of business. The entrepreneurial mindset is to do, not to be overly analytical, but to learn while making progress.

You must be on a quest to continually improve your offer and up the game with your product or service. Treat your tasks as problems which need to be solved creatively, and educate yourself to be able to suggest improvements to everything along the way. Some of the best business ideas come from incremental improvements to existing products or services – there is a fortune to be made if you can successfully get into this way of thinking.

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