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Here are a few quick tips on how to post on Facebook for your business.

Facebook posting tips for your business

Don’t over-post, 2-3 times per day is more than enough

Leave 3-5 hours between posts.

It’s better to post less but better quality posts.

Don’t copy and paste, always re-write posts so they are authentic.

Be different and create curiosity with your posts.

As a guide follow the 10-4-1 rule for 15 posts over 7 days:

x10 posts that have nothing to do with your business, for example from a third-party, or other sources. Find content that interests and is of value to your audience and share.

These posts can be funny memes, information to do with your industry, interactive posts, posts about what’s going on in your life, a book you’re reading etc.

x4 posts, share your own blog posts, start a blog providing valuable information for your audience and share those posts. Casually mention a product but in a non-sales way.

x1 post, 1 in every 15 posts can be advertising a product that you have for sale.

Try to follow these rules so that you’re providing valuable content for your audience, keep them interested. Nobody likes to be sold to with constant sales posts. Engage and entertain your audience, this way they won’t just hit the back button!

Tips For Your Business Posts On Facebook

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