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With the summer in full swing, the sun shining and some hot hot days it can be difficult to think ahead to the Autumn and Winter already. But this is the best time to start planning a refresh of your interior design so that when the heat subsides you can get started on a new look for your home for the winter seasons. 

This year is seeing classical concepts with a new look and feel, and getting the look and feel that you would like can be a challenge. The best option is to turn to the experts such as interior designer, particularly if you are considering a major rework of your living space. All you need to start with is a good idea and they can take care of the rest. Here are some great styles from 2019 to get you inspired. 

Scandinavian style is here to stay

The Scandinavian style has been popular for many years now. It has smooth clean lines, lots of gentle tones and mixing of natural materials and textures make showing style effortless. 

This year the style is leaning towards gentler patterns and paired back accessories and textiles. This is about keeping it simple. You will also see a move to darker tones in the wood furniture used and a move away from tall spindled legs to lower chunkier furniture. 

Accessorise with lots of mixes and matched earthenware to complete the look. For wall colours, it is time to put the grey paint away and pick up warm and soft whites that are very gentle and complement the look perfectly. 

This is definitely a great look for Autumn and Winter, because once you start layering up the textiles with thick wool throws and plenty of cushions it will just feel cosy and warm, and you will want to install an open fire for the full effect. Of course, the great thing about this style is that it translates easily into Spring looks too, so you won’t need to redesign again next year. 

Goodbye American Mid-Century, hello Italian new century

The nostalgic and retro mid-century look is not new, and of late has been starting to take a bit of a back seat as far as the classic American styling goes. 

In place, we are seeing the rise of Italian Mid-Century look. The ethos of classic, modern understated and clean lines is still a core part of this, but the silhouettes are gentler, more curved and straight out of 1950’s Italy. The style celebrates an era now gone, with velvet, wood and leather creating texture. The colour palette consists of tans, mustards, racing green and deep red jewel tones. 

There is something so glamorous about this look, even though it is fuss-free and without the typical elements you would associate with glamour. 

Soft tropics to show your relaxed and playful side

Think lots of botanical prints, lots of plants, wicker baskets but with gently muted colours. When choosing textiles for this look opt for large palm prints but with soft brush stroke style art and gentle soft greens. This is a great look if you are a lover of signature wallpaper and want to unleash your inner artist. 

The colour palette shows leaf green, petrol blues, nuder pinks and fun splashes of mustard against neutral tones. Teamed up with real large leaf plants and indoor palms this look will have you in the holiday mood all year round. 

Getting a style you love right in your home can be harder than it looks, bringing your personality and style into your home should be easy but sourcing the right materials and accessories and knowing the best quality designers and providers. You also need to consider the shape, size and usage of the room to make sure you can still use the space as you intended.

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