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At some point, you’ll need an image to be a specific size in pixels so that they display correctly and inline on your website. Here’s an easy way using Microsoft Paint to crop images to smaller dimensions.

If you need to crop an image to a certain size make sure the image is a similar orientation to the dimensions that are required. For this example, my image needs to be 800 x 445 pixels, so is landscape sized. I have added images below instructions for your reference.

All windows computer come with a program called Paint. You can find this by clicking the Start button in the lower left-hand corner of the Desktop.

Windows Start Button

Select Paint from the list, or use the search box to find it.

  • Open the program and click FILE in the top left-hand corner
  • Click OPEN, and upload the image you want from your computer.
  • Click RESIZE and select PIXELS. Enter 800 in the HORIZONTAL box and click OK (this will make one side the correct length), then simply move the highlighted marker dots (see the third image below) at the edge of the image to crop the rest to the desired proportions. You can rotate the image to easily crop the side you want.

You will see when you have the dimensions correct, they display at the bottom of the screen and change as you drag the markers about.

rotating an image in paint

When finished, click FILE and SAVE AS then you can enter a name for your image and save it in various formats, i.e. JPG, PNG etc.

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