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Vitamin D For Colds, Flu And SAD

Vitamin D is known as the sunshine vitamin because the body naturally produces it when bare skin is exposed to sunshine. It is also used by the body to maintain calcium and phosphorus levels which help bones and teeth stay healthy and strong preventing fractures and osteoporosis.

Vitamin D Deficiency

If the body is deficient in vitamin D it can lead to the development of Rickets in children (often noticeable by legs being bowed) and osteomalacia in adults, this is softening of the bones.

With people becoming more aware of the potential dangers of the sun they are using stronger sun protection which not only keeps out the harmful rays but also stops the sun reaching our skin to produce Vitamin D, so the number of people with vitamin D deficiency is on the increase and rickets which had all but disappeared in the western world is returning.

As children return to school after the summer holidays and the nights start to draw in, days get shorter and the sun gets lower, we spend more time inside, it is possible that we are not getting enough vitamin D.


Although it doesn’t affect everyone the onset of winter can have a profound effect on many peoples mood. This is called “seasonal affective disorder” or SAD for short.

We all probably know at least one person who doesn’t seem themselves, are quieter or get “down” once Autumn arrives. For some people, this can be very mild but for others, it can impact their lives quite dramatically. I know there are some people who dread the shorter days and darker nights myself included.

Increase Your Vitamin D Levels

This is where Vitamin D comes in as it has been proven that although it may not work for everyone, for many taking a vitamin D supplement may help make those short days and long winter nights more tolerable. It’s a good idea to get outside in natural daylight as often as you can.

It is also said that vitamin D can help prevent colds and flu, so it may be worthwhile taking this vitamin on a daily basis.

I often take the effervescent Vitamin D called Voost. It makes a refreshing berry fruit drink which also helps with my daily water intake. It’s often on offer where you can buy 3 for 2.

If you’re looking to boost your vitamin D levels quickly try Better You oral spray. This has a nice minty taste and delivers 3000IU (75μg) of vitamin D3 per dosage. This small pump spray contains 100 doses.

Vitamin D For Colds, Flu And SAD
Vitamin D known as the sunshine vitamin is said help prevent colds and flu.

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