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A luxurious bathroom is one you should most definitely be aiming for. It gives you that place in your home where you can have a bit of privacy, where you can soak all of your worries of the world away, and where you can truly feel as though you’re at peace.

Strange that you could get all of that from a bathroom, right? But when you truly do have a luxurious bathroom, there is no end to the happiness you can feel inside.

You know when you go to a nice hotel and it has a really good bathroom that you swear you’re going to spend so much time in, but you end up only being able to go in a few times? Well, we want to try and achieve this feeling, except you should be able to spend all of the time that you want in your lovely new bathroom!

Keep on reading, and have a mooch of these top tips on how you can achieve just that!

We Love A Luxurious Bathroom

The Mood You Need To Create

It’s very much about the mood and the vibe of your bathroom, that’s the thing that matters the most. To set the mood, you need to think about the colour schemes that you want to rule the roost.

The dark mysterious look is perfect and allows you to have that spa like feel in your bathroom and it makes it as cosy and as inviting as you wish it to be.

To really create that relaxing vibe, you should try and have a stand-alone bath with a shower attached to it. If you have it separated from all wall it looks so smart and chic.

If you don’t want the worry about getting the floor wet, have the room as a wet room, it will be perfectly easy to clean up.

Dark tiles mixed with stone-like features, whether it be a bath or a shower will look perfect.

The Little Features That Mean The Most

It’s definitely the little features that mean the most, like candles and indoor plants to set the mood. You might be wondering how such little things can make such a big difference? Well, they can set that calming mood that you’re looking for, and both have been closely linked to relaxation and reducing stress.

Take a look at these luxurious wholesale bath towels from Richard Haworth, they can be placed on a lovely towel heating rack. There’s nothing better than getting out of the shower or bath and wrapping yourself in a soft warm towel!

Maintaining A Beautiful Bathroom

Maintaining it is the most important part, because the longer you can get a bathroom to last, the less you’re going to have to spend on it. Apart from a good clean that you should try and do twice a week, you should really make sure you keeping the room as dry as possible. Having the extractor fan on and wiping down any surfaces after a particularly long and hot shower.

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