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Have you noticed weight gain in your 40’s? After coming back from my holiday and weighing myself, I nearly hit the floor seeing the scales at 10 st 1 lb! Some may think it’s not that bad, but I’ve never weighed that much. Gone are the days of being 8 st 7 lb when I was younger. My waist is thickened and I have the muffin top over my jeans which I hate.

I’ve noticed since my forties that the weight has been slowly creeping on year by year and I haven’t been able to shift it. It doesn’t help with being short in stature either.

The weight seems to pile on around the waist more. I’ve tried many different types of exercise with not much success.

Time To Do Something About It

I’ve decided I have to do something about it!

I’d previously bought Max Workouts 90-day program by Shin Ohtake a couple of years ago, and never really put much effort into it which I should have.

I took another look at his website and read more about the types of exercise.

Shin doesn’t focus on one muscle group or do any sit-ups. The exercises are short HIIT with weights and cardio workouts which often take less than half an hour, they are tough and make you drip with sweat.

The idea is to burn the fat off so you reveal your abs and create a lean physique.

I decided to take out his monthly subscription and so far have been doing the exercises for a week.

What Are Max Workouts?

Shin provides set daily workouts to do which are short and vary so my body doesn’t become accustomed to it. There are video instructions and the number of sets to perform underneath.

There’s also a forum to chat with other members, My FITLOG to write about your progress and lots of handy tips, recipes etc.

I’ve weighed myself today after the first week and am happy to say I’ve gone down in weight a bit to
9 st 13.5 lbs. I’ve got to work at it though to shift the rest. Wish me luck!

To do the Cardio intervals an interval timer is needed like GymBoss miniMAX.

You’ll also need weights and one of these resistance bands if you haven’t got a gym in your house and I hang mine over the stairs to complete one of the exercises as you can see in the picture below.

Resistance Bands

I’m just using the weights that I already have in my house which are 2.5 kg each. Each workout states how heavy the weights should be for men and women. I am finding the weights I have sufficient for now. I’ll purchase some heavier ones when the exercise becomes easier.

Take a look at the Max Workouts website and the reviews on there and see what you think of Shin’s methods. I’m quite impressed.

Are you in your 40s and have excess weight to lose? Have you tried Shin’s workouts? What works best for you? Please let me know in the comments.

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Weight Gain In Your 40's

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