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As technology and the marketplace have developed, excellent customer service and support have come to be expected beyond standard business hours. Consumers have come to regard 24/7 availability as a key asset. There are plenty of reasons why your organisation should consider offering around the clock customer support:

Why & How: 24/7 Customer Support For Your Business

1. Increase your profits 

Any time that consumers cannot access your company, means that a sale or a connection is potentially lost. In our current climate, customers don’t like to wait around. By enabling the highest response times, you allow yourself to increase profits by not missing any opportunities. 

2. Consumer expectations 

The consumer has come to expect an around the clock service, failing to keep up with this demand could make your organization seem less appealing. With immediate responses, the level of convenience ensures that a customer feels valued and satisfied. 

3. Keep up with your competitors 

As an increasing number of companies are following suit, it’s likely that your competitors will do the same. You don’t want any of your loyal customers jumping ship, so you’ve got to keep up to stay ahead. Growing as a business means reviewing your processes in response to the marketplace and technology constantly. 

4. Improved customer service 

Availability around the clock allows you to improve your customer service. When customers can access products, support and answers wherever they wish, the quality of the service you provide is automatically enhanced.

Offering a 24/7 support system for your business can be achieved in a number of ways, let’s take a look at the latest and the most popular. 

Chatbot Software 

Chatbots are a type of AI program that offers a simulation of human conversation. Usually, chatbots are used for social networking, customer service or marketing systems. For example, many websites provide live chat functions that are powered by chatbots. Chatbots can provide answers to queries and perform basic tasks for a customer. 

The benefits 

By using chatbot software, you can provide a constant service that offers the customer help no matter where or when. The great thing about chatbots is their scalability. As a piece of software, they can serve multiple consumers at one time and relieve the pressure on your customer service team. It’s been suggested that many people now prefer an online messaging option; for convenience. 

It’s not uncommon that customers will need help when navigating your website. If your customer has any questions about delivery, for instance, they can use a chatbot to solve this query. Of course, the idea is not to replace the customer service team; it’s rather about improving your existing service practices. 

As chatbots become further advanced, they can provide more benefits for companies. Chatbots can store customer information, which can then be used for data analysis. AI streamlines the process of automated data collection. When you gain valuable insights, you can use these to start improving your services. 

 Virtual receptionist 

A virtual receptionist works similarly to an in-house receptionist. The main difference is that they are a remote employee who works for an outsourced provider of this service. A virtual receptionist will learn everything about your business so that they can answer your calls and provide excellent customer service. Such services offer 24/7 support; so your customers can speak to a real person, any time. Some customers still prefer this option to chatbots or message support. 

 Often, virtual receptionist services can be purchased as part of more extensive packages. Some packages involve a virtual business address and a postal response option too. A virtual business address can be useful to keep your home address private if you are a remote operation. It can also be helpful to be associated with a prestigious address without actually renting there. 

 Online booking systems

There are a number of other online service solutions for small businesses. For example, with an online booking system, you can allow your customers to book a service online 24/7. Such systems can be useful for beauty services or restaurants, for instance. Your customers can access an online form via your website and choose their required service and time. The booking will automatically be made, and they’ll receive confirmation in the form of email or text. 

Choosing a system like this can allow a business to increase sales overall. Customers who are only available to call out of business hours will be unable to make appointments unless you provide an online form. Booking forms work on the intelligence provided by your company so the customer will have everything they need from the price to the available time slots. The majority of online searches are made via mobile phone as opposed to other devices. With this in mind, it’s vital to ensure that your website is mobile optimised. Use SEO and PPC marketing tactics to keep on driving more traffic to your website. Like any business process, ensure to review your marketing progress ongoing. 

Online store 

If you are a retail business with premises, you may not have thought about the option of an online store. Regardless, having an online store is a surefire way to get you more customers. Firstly, many customers prefer the option of online shopping and home delivery over traditional methods. One of the main reasons is due to time-saving, and the other is due to 24/7 access. Many customers may be unable to make it to the store during your opening times. Without an online store, you’ll be losing these potential sales. As time has gone by, more people are completing their shopping online than ever before. If you want to get in on this sales action, it’s key to follow suit. 

The modern business world has come to rely upon 24/7 services, but this can put demands on your staff. With the use of virtual receptionists, chatbots and other online service solutions, you’ll ensure that your company can keep on growing. When it comes to service solutions for businesses, technology has so much to offer.

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