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Why Running A Restaurant Is So Hard

So many people nowadays think that in order to open and run a successful restaurant, all you need to do is put a lot of money down, hire decent staff, and then everything will work itself out. But that’s living in a dream world, unfortunately, it isn’t that simple at all. So much goes into running a restaurant that you wouldn’t have even thought about, like creating a system that provides you with cool water from companies like, all the way to deciding what kind of wall feature looks good in the dining room.

It’s your business, which means that every single tiny detail comes down to you, making your life a rather busy one, to say the least. So if you were thinking of opening a restaurant and collecting thousands and thousands worth of cheques every month – you’re not in the right business and you may as well redirect yourself in another direction now.


The customers

Everyone has heard the phrase about the customers always being right, and although we all know that that’s not necessarily the case, it’s still the attitude that you have to have, especially in the restaurant business. You will be met with many different types of individuals that all have a different preference and opinion, and as the boss, you have to ensure that your business is able to cater to everyone. This means dealing with complaints and bad feedback. It’s never a nice thing to hear negative comments about what you’ve worked hard for, but it’s what happens, and it’s how you learn to be better.


The food

Just because you may not be the chef in the kitchen that is preparing and cooking all of the food, doesn’t mean that you’re not responsible for what’s being served. There will always be specific dietary requirements, as well as a ton of rules that need to be followed so that you pass every test and remain able to do what you do, so it’s very important that the people you hire are professionals that can not only cook amazing food but also know all there is to know about hygiene and cleanliness, from how to store food, to how to keep the kitchen safe and spotless.


The competition

Have a think about all the restaurants that exist in your town or city… Exactly. What is it about your new restaurant that will make people drop in and have some food? – This is what you need to think about because you are definitely going to be asked it a lot. While you may have an amazing chef and amazing staff that work hard and deliver excellent customer service, there are also many other places that offer the same, so you are always going to have to prove yourself in order to build up your own audience and following. This isn’t something that happens overnight, so you’re going to have to have a lot of patience, and a lot of self-belief right from the get-go.

Why Running A Restaurant Is So Hard

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