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The majority of us move at least four or five times before settling in our ‘forever homes.’ For some us, this is a financial necessity. Others just can’t get enough of the excitement of that first night in a new house. Either way, very few of us spend the rest of our days in the first home we call our own.

Sadly, this love of moving is a habit many of us take into business with us. It isn’t unusual for entrepreneurs to buy a cheap space as soon as they can, and then move once their profits allow it. In some instances, such as e-commerce, this doesn’t have all that much impact. In the majority of cases, though, you risk your efforts more the more you move them.
With that in mind, it’d be fair to say it’s worth waiting for a commercial space which can last you a lifetime. This may mean saving for another year or more. Rest easy, though, that this could be an effort which keeps your company afloat for a long time. Here’s why.

You’ll be able to establish your physical presence

For a small business lost custom is the main risk of moving often. Even if you post announcements and fliers about your new address, you’re sure to lose at least a little business. That’s because physical presence matters. If a customer suddenly has to drive for fifteen minutes to reach you, they won’t bother. In that sense, relocating can be a lot like starting afresh. Even if you’ve managed to maximise your brand in your old location, you’ll find yourself at square one again. By comparison, staying in one place means you can establish yourself and reap the rewards without needing to worry.

You’ll only face the hassle of moving once

Running a business is stressful. Moving is stressful. Put the two together, and you have a recipe for disaster. Doing this even once is enough for a nervous a breakdown. During the process, you’ll need to contact machine movers for your heavy pieces, and even internet companies to set up ahead of time. The chances are that you’ll get through doing this once because you know how much it’ll benefit your business. But, if you face this stress often, it could be the nail in your tolerance coffin. If you aren’t careful, it could leave you taking time off and losing a grip on things altogether. All because you couldn’t wait!

You won’t need to risk disruption later on

Moving a business disrupts workflow. That’s inevitable. You may have to delay orders or stop taking them. That’s never good news, but it’s worse if you do this more than once. That’s especially the case when you consider that companies tend to expand once they’re in a commercial space. The last thing you want is having to shut up shop again when you’re seeing real success. At least if you move into a space which can grow with you, you won’t have to.

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