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It’s Friday and I’m sharing with you my word for the week ‘Tired’. This is how I’ve been feeling lately. I’ll now share the causes of my tiredness.

The Dog

I have a dog that loves to wake me up in the middle of the night to go out to the loo. 3 am is a time he often chooses. I’m a light sleeper and he notifies me by tapping on the back door.

The Cat

There’s a theme going on here with my animals! Our cat likes to come alive at night, usually the very early hours in the morning. She likes to play with the blind cords and tap them against the wall!

Another trick of hers is to play with pens and notebooks on my desk and knock them off with her paw.

She also likes to sit on top of me while I’m trying to sleep or sit on the pillow next to me purring and dribbling.


Tesco has caused me tiredness of late. Having to sit up until midnight to be able to *get a delivery slot during this pandemic. One week the checkout wasn’t working and the site only let people check out at 1 am!

Word of the week - tired

I must admit I’m lucky to have been able to get slots during this pandemic but getting them meant sitting up late. Now things are easing, more slots are becoming available.

Going to Bed Late Watching Films

I do love a good film! I’ve recently been watching films at night to chill out. The other night I watched *Passengers which was great because it stars some of my favourite actors Michael Sheen and Chris Pratt.

As you can imagine, going to bed late, getting woken up in the night by pets leads to tiredness so therefore my word of the week is ‘Tired’. 🙂

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