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Your Focused Guide Towards Office Renovation

Renovating an office is not always easy. However, when you decide that this might be a possibility, it could be worth the effort. Doing so is not always an immediate improvement, however. Remember, office renovation can often be an inconvenience for the time it takes to implement. Perhaps purchasing new desk monitors for the entire team is a pretty simple procedure, an installation you can do in a few hours at the weekend. However, fully renovating an owned property, changing layout, structure and networks, can often take much longer.

With this in mind, considering the following habits could be more than worth it for you:


Buildings & Rentals

Renovating a building can often mean it’s impractical for your staff to stay there and use those facilities. When walls are being knocked through, carpet is being ripped up, and new office layouts are being implemented, it’s not safe for your staff to continue working. This means you’ll need a backup plan, namely a place to situate your staff.

It could be some of your staff are available for remote working, which can be tremendously useful during a small renovation period. Sometimes, however, you may decide to implement a more fitting solution. Installing temporary buildings from midlands-portable-buildings could help you set up a small working solution for some time, allowing the staff affected to work without interruption and a nice change of scenery. If you’re hoping to renovate an entire area, beginning department by department can help the displacement cost over time, moving staff around correctly.

If these options do not suffice, it might be that renting pre-catered for offices could help. You may need to invest in mobile computing solutions, and ensure all relevant information is uploaded to the cloud to help work continue at the normal pace expected.


Safety & Care

Safety is essential. Even when construction work isn’t being carried out, only redecoration, clearly labelling safety protocols at the entrance to each room is important. You may designate ‘no-go’ areas, refine your fire code, and give staff an updated timeline of work completion from week to week.

Sending company-wide memos as frequently as possible should keep your staff in the loop, as well as informing them of these changes well in advance. You may also decide to add even more warnings. For example, those with respiratory issues may wish to travel via separate means such as the executive elevator when travelling to a certain floor, as walking past a dust-ridden room may trigger their health problems.

Also, opening yourself up for any feedback can help you ensure your staff inform you of issues ahead of time, allowing you to gain a 360 degree understanding of your renovation efforts, and plan for any contingencies that crop up.

Lastly, it can be worthwhile to inform your staff of the changes you are making, and why they’re being implemented. This will help them feel comfortable and excited about the improvements, allowing them to tolerate your inconveniences just a little bit longer.

Your Focused Guide Towards Office Renovation

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