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Your Office Workout Is Leaving You Red In The Face For All The Wrong Reasons


We’ve all heard rumours of the need to work out at our desks. In countries like Japan, it’s not unusual for this to be a commonplace feature of any office. All the better for combating desk-job related injuries like back pain and repetitive strain.


But, it can be challenging to get around to this when no one else in your office is. You’ll feel self-conscious and silly. You may even be afraid of getting in trouble with the boss. In reality, though, taking regular exercise breaks could work wonders for keeping niggles at bay. That’s crucial when you consider that serious health issues can impact your ability to work in the long-term.

While you can head to sites like to gain compensation if this happens, isn’t it best to avoid the situation altogether? And, it’s difficult to see a better way of doing that then getting into office-based workouts.

But, we know what you’re thinking; how can you get around to this without becoming the laughing stock of the office?


Speak to your boss

Firstly, let your boss know what you’re planning. This is especially crucial if you’re afraid of getting into trouble. By giving your boss a heads up, you can ensure they don’t storm out and embarrass you in front of your work colleagues. Bear in mind that health and safety is a management issue. If your boss makes any grumbles about stopping you here, you can refer them to your employee rights. Even they won’t be able to deny that access to exercise falls into this category. While they may ask you to limit your forays, they don’t have any footing for stopping you altogether.


Get colleagues on board

So, you’ve got your boss onside. But, you still have to face the embarrassment of getting up in front of an office full of people. Stressful, right? Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, by getting your colleagues on board, you can turn office exercise into a way to deal with stress at work, rather than piling more on your plate.

Everyone knows that working out with your mates is a laugh. And, this will be no different. Even if you do all look like idiots, you’ll be in it together and can be sure no one’s watching you specifically. Even if you get the colleagues from your part of the office to join in, you’ll be amazed at how fast this trend could spread. 

Go subtle

If no one else is willing to join in the fun (or if you’re too shy to ask them), why not just go subtle with your options? As can be seen from sites like, there are plenty of work out options which are discreet enough to keep private. If you engage in these rather than a full-blown workout, no one else in the office even needs to know what you’re doing. That way, you can work on your health without having to worry about another soul.

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