Month: October 2020

  • Ways To Keep Your Work-Life Organised

    Ways To Keep Your Work-Life Organised

    If you’re looking for ways to keep your work-life organised and don’t know where to begin then don’t worry, you have definitely come to the right place. Whether you’re looking for to organise your office space or you feel as though you need to get a handle on your day-to-day organisation, it’s important you’re staying […]

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  • How Businesses Can Motivate Remote Workers

    How Businesses Can Motivate Remote Workers

    Many businesses are having to operate remotely once again to abide by the latest coronavirus restrictions. Homeworking provides many benefits to employees, such as saving money on petrol, but it can hugely hinder productivity levels. If your team struggled to fulfil regular duties during the height of lockdown, you might need to alter your management […]

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  • Travelling Overseas? Prevent Credit Card Fraud in 9 Steps

    9 Ways to Prevent Credit Card Fraud When Traveling

    One of the things you typically bring with you when you travel overseas for business or pleasure is a credit card. This piece of plastic allows you to purchase what you need easily without carrying around cash in your wallet. Although credit cards are convenient, they aren’t impervious to theft and fraud. Scammers, for instance, […]

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  • Make Your Home Your Business

    Make Your Home Your Business

    We talk a lot about working from and running businesses out of the home, but have you ever thought about the business opportunities your home itself presents? There are more ways than you might think for you to turn your property into a business in and of itself. Here are a few of them: Rent […]

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  • Public Apologies, and Why They’re a Smart Business Move

    Public Apologies, and Why They're a Smart Business Move

    Virtually every business will mess up at some point. If a customer complains on social media or leaves a negative review, companies have two options: ignore (and hope that the issue will go away) or respond by apologising. The answer should be the latter. A news article published in Financial Times found that consumers are […]

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  • 3 Topics To Research Before Starting an Ecommerce Shop

    3 Topics To Research Before Starting an Ecommerce Shop

    Starting an e-commerce shop can help you become your own boss and succeed at something you enjoy, but it is not an easy process. The more you research the products, market and business models involved with online companies, the better your business plan and easier your journey will be. Business Models There are many ways […]

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