A Bit About Me

Sue Foster

Creating websites, making money selling online and blogging has been an interest of mine for a very long time. Being an introverted person, preferring my own space and wanting to be able to be free to work when and where I want made the internet a very appealing place to me. The journey to get where I am now hasn’t been easy though, believe me!

I started working for myself in 2009 the year after my daughter was born. I  wanted to spend as much time as I could with her and working from home online was the best solution for me.

I’ve been scammed over the years, by purchasing ready-made sites that promised great incomes and had to learn the hard way.

Over the years I have found some brilliant reliable suppliers and learnt through trial and error the best platforms to sell and blog on.

To make an income online I retail online and earn money blogging.

I absolutely love blogging and run a support group helping others with WordPress.

This blog focuses on making money online, saving money,  business information, blogging help, plus ways to help and improve your lifestyle.