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Life is chock-full of what could be termed “learning opportunities”; those moments that occur in everyday life which, due to their familiarity, seem kind of mundane on a surface level, but which contain valuable morals that we should heed and that can ultimately transform the way we live.

Now, dogs, for all their silly ways and generally action-oriented lives, can, in fact, be some of the greatest teachers in our lives, and can impart lessons on us that can make us happier and more successful, both in our personal dealings and even in our careers.

3 Life Lessons You Can Learn from Having a Dog

If you have one of these lovable companions in your home, here are some points to consider when it comes to learning from your dog. And if you don’t yet have a canine pet, these might be some good reasons for getting one.

These are a few life lessons you can learn from having a dog:

Be the best you can for the people who believe in you

Here’s a saying that’s sort of half-joke but half-serious, that goes “be the person who your dog thinks you are”. Behind the initial laughs, there’s a very substantial and powerful point here to consider.

Your dog inevitably views you as a mixture of a pack member, benevolent provider, personal hero, and (if you’ve trained them properly), the pack leader.

Your dog, in other words, thinks you’re pretty cool and relies on you for life and well-being. You should, in turn, respect this vote of confidence on the part of your dog by striving to be worthy of that trust and appreciation. Be disciplined, reliable, and productive.

This lesson can start with your dog, but it carries over to your friends, family, and eventually children.

You can find perspective and hope by caring for those close to you

Life will knock you down sometimes. It’s not exactly a happy thought, but it’s just the way things are. When you’re caught up in the depths of whatever woe or melancholy may be upon you, you can often find a great reservoir of hope and perspective by caring for those close to you.

Your dog is an example of this because, as mentioned, your dog believes in you and is totally dependent on you.

You might be having a terrible day, week, month or year, but bringing home a new tweed dog collar and playing catch with your buddy can definitely help you get out of your own head.

It pays to appreciate the small things in life

Life isn’t just about those major peaks that we so often pursue, such as that promotion at work, or your wedding day. Much of life is about being able to find the joy and beauty in the more everyday and small things that we encounter regularly.

You will never meet any human who is as excited and enthusiastic about life as your dog is likely to be when chasing his tail, and this can teach you a valuable lesson about finding joy in the small things.

Whether you’re reading a good book or smelling the freshly cut lawn, take the time to smile and be grateful for the small blessings that you find in life.

3 Life Lessons You Can Learn from Having a Dog

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