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3 Ways To Improve Office Access For Your Employees


There is no getting away from the fact that most business premises are not suitable for people with mobility issues. That is why it is your duty as the boss to make alterations so that your staff members can access the building without causing pain, discomfort, and embarrassment. With that in mind, take a moment to consider some of the suggestions on this page, and then work out which of them you can use at your office. The same rules should apply to those who need to make their premises accessible to the public or customers and clients too.


Fit handrails around all risky areas

Able people don’t generally have to worry about holding onto handrails when walking up the stairs or down long corridors. However, those items can provide people with mobility issues with a means of support, and so they can make them feel more comfortable and secure than they do at the moment. Key Clamp handrails are not expensive to purchase or create if you have the right tools, and they could even help to reduce the number of accident claims your business faces in the future. So, take some time to walk around your premises and work out which areas will benefit most from handrails.


Install some double-wide doors

People in wheelchairs might need to access your premises, and so you should aim to ensure those folks can reach all areas of your office without having to ask for assistance. Installing some double-wide doors is an excellent first step, and it should mean that your employees, customers, and anyone else in a wheelchair feel independent and content at your premises. Lifts are also sensible if you have a lot of stairs, but there is a cheaper solution that we will discuss in the next section.

3 Ways To Improve Office Access For Your Employees

Add ramps alongside stairs

Ramps for wheelchairs and people with mobility issues are vital if you want to become a fair employer and ensure your building is fit for purpose. Adding ramps to all areas where you have stairs is a wise move, and you should also install them near your entrance and exit points. That will make people feel more welcome in your premises, and it might even help you to attract more customers and clients. There are specialist companies out there that dedicate their time to building disability ramps for firms like yours, and so it’s just a case of getting in touch with some of the most popular brands and obtaining some quotes. The job should not break the bank, but it will help your disabled employees or customers significantly.


Now you know about some straightforward ways in which any business owner can improve office access for their workforce; it’s time to conduct an assessment and put pen to paper. Ask your workers to contribute ideas and let you know about any areas of the premises where they struggle sometimes. You can then take a look at those stairwells and other places before coming up with the perfect solution to the problem. Of course, you’ll have to consult the landlord first if you rent your office at the moment. Still, that could encourage them to cover some of the costs.

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