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One of the greatest misconceptions of society is treating introverts differently. Being an introvert is perceived as a weakness and, therefore, introverts need to be transformed into extroverts.

Introvert, according to, comes from the Latin word intro, “inward,” and vertere, “turning.” It describes a person who tends to turn inward mentally.

Meanwhile, an extrovert is the complete opposite. It describes someone who finds energy in interactions with others. The latter is deemed more acceptable.

Being outspoken and sociable are important traits most especially in business or career. But what society doesn’t know is that introverts are also capable of being successful.

Introverts do not always hate to mingle or socialise, they just don’t need to quite as much as an extroverted person. They don’t need to be alone all the time. It is just a matter of how they perceive and process information.

Here are 5 perks of being one.

5 Perks of Being an Introvert

Introverts Need a Quiet Place to Think

Introverts need a quiet place to think. A crowded environment sends too much noise for an introvert to analyse information. They prefer to be alone to reflect more intently on a certain problem or situation. Introverts tire easily when in a huge group and relax more when alone.

Introverts Are Creative

Introverts are creative and are filled with ideas but they don’t talk a lot. In a class setting, they are often the ones who don’t raise their hand for recitation but perform well in writing.

Introverts Plan Carefully

Introverts plan carefully and are organised. They tend to formulate a solution in different possible ways. They are cautious and specific. They are often the ones who create a Plan B.

Introverts Provide Deep & Content Rich Opinions

Introverts provide a deep and content-rich opinion. Since they are deep thinkers, introverts think before they speak. They speak well in a crowd but will have a hard time talking individually.

They Focus on One Thing at a Time

Introverts will focus on one thing at a time rather than try to do everything at once. Therefore, they finish the job before starting a new one.

These are only five perks of being an introvert and only an introduction to view them in a positive light.

Famous writers and some of the best thinkers of the world are, after all, introverts!

I’m an introvert, that’s why I love blogging and working for myself. Are you an introvert?

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