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Kittens are small, vulnerable and full of boundless energy. They can be scared easily and wish to keep to themselves when they first enter a new home.

They don’t know all the smells and sounds of the home so are going to be frightened of every little knock and whiff at any moment.

It’s okay, they will learn to calm down eventually but some can never really fit into their new environment. That’s a very sad state because it can be avoided.

You simply need your home more kitten friendly in terms of making it comfortable physically but also playful. A kitten needs exercise just as much as being fed regularly.

When bringing your kitten home, you should already have things ready for him or her to play with. Here are some things to help your kitten settle in.

Bringing A Kitten Home Ready With Games And Comfort

A soft entrance

Kittens will have soft paws which will harden as they grow older. However, since they’re young and fragile, a hardwood floor isn’t going to be their best friend. Wherever you’re placing your kitten’s home be it in the kitchen or in the living room, you should make the immediate surroundings comfortable.

A carpet made of wool is a great idea since usually, it is tough enough to withstand any pawing or biting the kitten might do. Wool carpets are also soft and gentle on the paws.

Swinging around

A simple way to keep your new kitten from becoming docile is to get it to jump and run around.

The more a cat feels uncomfortable whether it’s due to the owner’s shouting a lot, dogs in the home or simply a new place where they have never been before, will make it cower away.

A cat ball toy is a great way to get a kitten to focus on something that is moving and reachable. The kitten can jump up or even stand on its hind legs and paw away at the toy for hours. It will not only get a lot of exercise in a small space but also, begin to focus more on playing rather than being scared.

The kitten will also know that the place he or she is in is safe and play is not only okay but encouraged. It will eventually stop hiding in dark places or underneath chairs and tables.

A tuggable pillow

Much like a comfort blanket for small children, a small pillow that the kitten can bite and tug around will help it feel more at home. It’s not expensive by any means, but a small cat pillow is going to go a long way in keeping the kitten grounded and feeling as if it belongs.

It’s an exciting time bringing a kitten home to live with you. Making things comfortable around the home is something that you must do. Your kitten will need a little adjusting to the new environment and all of these things will speed up that process.

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