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As a parent, dealing with injuries is something of an inevitability. You probably don’t want to hear this, but unless you plan on wrapping your kids up in cotton wool, they are going to get injured at some point, or another. This could be when they’re riding their bike, out playing with their friends or even doing something stupid.

Bumps, Bruises And Big Bills

You probably remember being a kid and have a few memories of your own cuts and bruises. But, how do you handle these injuries? Or rather, how do you handle the cost that comes with them?

Staying Off Work

You might find that if your child is injured, you need to stay off work to look after them. At what point are they old enough for this not to be necessary?

At between thirteen to sixteen you can probably think about leaving them home alone even when they are recovering from an injury like a broken leg or arm. Particularly, if you are able to stop by in your lunch break to check up on them and make sure that they have everything they need.

Besides, these days tech is great, and you’ll be able to stay in touch even keeping a check on them through webcam chats.

You’ll also need to decide whether the injury is serious enough to warrant time off school or if they can grin and bear it, allowing you to avoid you to avoid using sick days.

Heading To The Doctor?

The good news is that in most cases a trip to the doctors will not be necessary. Usually, an injury will be a scratch, cut, bruise or scrape. It won’t be deep, wide or life-threatening. If that’s the case, you just need to clean it, and you can do this with antiseptic wipes and maybe cover it with a plaster or a dressing.

If they have had a nasty hit, you need a cold compression, and if they have hit their head, you need to watch for signs of a concussion. They can’t go to sleep for at least a few hours after the incident. You can learn about the signs of concussion on

If things are serious or seem that way, do get them checked out. It might be worth taking a first aid course when you’re a parent, just in case you do need to act in an emergency. You also should be thinking about getting a great insurance place to make sure you are covered in the event of slips and trips.

Someone Else’s Fault

You do need to consider whether someone else might have been at fault for your child’s injury. They could have slipped on a wet floor. If it wasn’t marked, it doesn’t matter whether they were running.

A driver could even be involved, and at that point, you may like to visit for more information on how to proceed. You might just be able to sue and win to claim on damages in this type of situation which will help with any medical bills.

Save For A Rainy Day

Last but not least, you need to make sure that you have a little cash saved away for a rainy day. That way, you’ll always have some money to cover the costs of an injury that your child might have experienced.

Bumps, Bruises And Big Bills

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