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The global banking system has been exposed during the entire pandemic so far. Apparently, money does grow on trees, because the banks of the world have printed trillions of dollars in debt altogether.

This means that national debt has risen across the world and that can only mean one thing. Higher taxes!! Yes, you will be paying more for your services, public systems and other areas of normal life.

National debt always means interest payments, which then means more inflation and that means, more debt. The cycle goes on and on. You can get out of this loop if you know more about the banking system and separate yourself from it.

Education About The Banking System Will Save You Money

Where it began 

The big experiment that we are living under happened in 1971. The global banking system changed and has never looked so bleak and corrupt. Citizens who want to save money, are inherently at a disadvantage because of the FIAT currency system. First of all, the US Dollar is not backed by anything. Yep, your money does not have a safety net, even though all the other world reserve currencies have had a backing, namely the gold standard.

This current system relies on printing more and more money. This then means that your money is worth less than it was last year by at least 2% annually. The Nixon Shock shook the world and since then we have not had an environment that is friendly to those that save and invest.

Invest to save

The money in your bank account is worth less every year because of the 2% of inflation the FED is intent on creating, meaning more money enters the market and makes your savings shrink.

So, invest in things that inherently grow in price, such as small businesses, property, precious metals and other things such as land and natural resources. You should expect to invest in precious metals if you want to run against the dollar, which has been consistently weak in the Dollar Index for the past few weeks.

Gold is holding at $1,900 and has been doing so for the past few months. This is abnormal, which just shows you how unstable the global hegemony of the dollar truly is right now.

Exempt yourself

If you weren’t part of the system, you could save money simply by not being made to pay certain fees. Check out the tried and trusted Debt to Success System BBB which goes into more detail about the kinds of laws that you will be exempt from.

You won’t pay fees for certain things, you get back your birth certificate and reclaim your trust which is set at birth by the FED. You not only save money but you make money, not having to be under the thumb of the federal government and its banking system. You can even change your status so you are treated with less force when it comes to a bankruptcy filing.

 If you learn how the global banking system works, you begin to realize which areas of investing are more lucrative and counteract the FED and its printing machine.

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