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It would seem that as of late, being a company that cares is just not on the agenda. This world has such a negative attitude towards work, and it’s not just the employees who are creating it.

There’s so much going on behind the closed doors of a business that the outside world doesn’t know about. From big companies getting away with tax evasion for years, to small independent companies hiring cheap labour, and treating them so poorly. And what’s the one reason for all of this, and for pretty much all that happens negatively in the business world? It’s because the money race is well and truly on.

People are always so obsessed with getting as much money as humanly possible, even if it’s at the expense of others. And that’s where we, as employees, feel the brunt of it all. So it’s about time that you found yourself a company that truly cares, and who is going to give you the benefits that you deserve.

To make sure you’re finding yourself one of these, we’re going to cover a few loopholes that you don’t want to fall down, and a few signs that companies give out that show that they’re worth your time!

Find Yourself Company Who Cares

The Right Benefits & Reviews

You definitely need to be looking out for this one before you jump right into a new company, and this is the one that you need to be most careful of. The right company will offer you the right benefits, but every single company will offer you them.

You’ll go to a job interview, and all companies might as well promise you the world. So our best advice is not to go to a company based on the benefits they have, go off the reviews people have written about them. You want to make sure that you’re getting what it says on the tin, and Googling the company to check for reviews, and checking out their social media page, is definitely going to be worth it. Make sure the benefits benefit you as well in the short term!

Don’t Let Subcontracting Screw You Over

Subcontracting is a line of work that a lot of people are going into at the minute, and rightly so. It sort of gives you that self-employed freedom, with the added stability of being contracted under a company. But with this, carries risks.

You still need to be able to manage your own finances. You’ll still have to pay everything that comes with PAYE, but knowing how to do it, as well as having to work crazy hours, can just be a nightmare. So thinking about how outside companies might be able to help you in the subcontracting world, is essential.

The Right Ladder To Climb

Making sure that there’s a ladder to climb at all, is pretty much essential. You don’t want to be weighed down at the bottom, you want to have room to improve and progress. So before you take the job, map out the path you want to take, and ask the companies that you’re going to, if that would be possible for you there!

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