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Giving Your Business A Permanent Availability


If you have a small business on your hands, and maybe it’s a micro business with just you at the helm, then you’re going to need to do everything you can to make yourself seem professional – it’s one of the best, and only ways, to run with the heavy hitters. And one of the best ways to make sure you’re coming off as a professional business with a responsible work ethic about you is to give your company a sense of permanent availability.

Don’t worry, you won’t actually have to be wide awake 24/7 just to make sure your customers can reach you at 1 in the morning when a product is out of stock on your website! But you can help yourself with these couple tips below; they might just win you some favours amongst the shopping market!


Get the Phone Manned

You’ve got a phone ringing off the hook, and you’re doing your best to answer all the calls as soon as they come in, but then you remember there’s going to be customers who call whilst you’re busy, and won’t be able to get through. That’s when they cancel the call, empty their basket, and leave without even dropping a negative review!

So you’re going to need at least one other person on your side, to pick up the phone when a queue starts developing on the landline. Use something like virtual services to make sure you’ve got at least two phone lines available for a customer to be put through to; it’ll both decrease the stress you’re under and allow you to spend a longer time on the phone until the person on the other end is satisfied


Have an Email Template Ready

If you’ve got contact details on the homepage of your e-commerce site, and you know you need more than one avenue of communication to max your customer outreach, then you’re going to have to set yourself up an email template. Every time someone comes to your inbox with a query or a complaint will require you to answer them in good time and form, and that’s where your fingers are going to drop off from typing!

So you’re going to need a template on your side that you can quickly load up and send out –  having a couple that you can quickly personalise to someone’s need, whether they’ve got an item to return or a simple question about when something will be back in stock, will make sure you’ve got all your bases covered. Alternatively, no reply emails are available for you to invest in, but that can count against you when the customer has no way of making sure you’ll get back to them!

Your business will be online 24/7, and you can manage 12 hours of that time. But you can halve your work by sharing the problem, and then get back on the ball ASAP!

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