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The E-book is becoming more and more popular especially as most people are switching to smartphones and reading devices.

You’ll probably at this page because you want to know how to create a PDF book as this is a popular format E-Books come in.

I can show you how to create a pdf book by starting off creating it in Word. This can all be found in my How To Create An E-Book course.

I’ll guide you through:

  • Starting off by creating your book in Word, then showing you how to make the cover image for free.
  • Adding an affiliate disclaimer and copyright. I’ll give you an example to use.
  • Creating your chapters correctly and making them clickable so your readers can navigate the book easily. This saves them having to scroll through the whole book to find what they want to read.
  • Inserting the table of contents and page numbers.
  • When and how to format your book; plus show you how to save it to PDF
  • You may be wanting to sell your book and there are a few places I can suggest too.

I also have a FREE gift of some pretty downloadable transparent frames that you can use in all of your projects.

If you’re a blogger like myself, creating e-books is a great way to share your knowledge with your readers and use as a giveaway, opt-in gift or sell.

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How To Create A PDF Book
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