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How to Hire the Right Employees Every Time


As an employer trying to hire people, it can be difficult to know how to choose the right person. They will probably have many CV’s to pick from, and then they interview some of those. How people behave in an interview is not always their natural character, and employers need to be able to see through that if they want to have the most suitable person for the job. There are ways of at least reducing the risk of opting for the wrong new employee.


Have A Clear Job Description

Start by making sure your job description is clear and concise. Don’t beat about the bust with what the work entails, and if certain qualifications are needed, state that. Hopefully, only people capable of the task will apply.

Analyse the work, and speak to other employees to find out exactly what the new employee’s duties and responsibilities will be.


Check The Credentials

When you have the CV’s in front of you of the people you intend to interview, check the credentials to make sure they are what you really want. For Instance, there is a qualification in ballroom dancing that allows the recipient to put letters after their name. That can look very impressive, but unless you are a dancing school, might not be much use in your profession.

You may be looking for someone for a senior management role, and another option then is to use the expertise of They will match the work to the right person, and this could save you a lot of time, money and hassle.

Of course, sometimes experience is more important than qualifications, and you should look carefully at what they say they have done in the past.


Hold Pre Screening Interviews

Interviews can take much of your time. Get an employee who knows your business and products inside out to chat with each of the prospective employees first. They will have enough knowledge to know if the person has the experience in your industry that you need, and that can help to whittle down the number of people left for you to see.

If you are a large enough business to have a human resources department, they could do this for you.


How to Hire the Right Employees Every Time

Have A List Of Questions

Have a list of questions ready to ask at every interview. This will help to give you a fairer comparison between each candidate.


Follow Up On References

Always follow up on the references they have provided you with, one of which should always be the current or last employer. However, remember that it is against the law in the UK to say anything bad in an employment reference, so if you get something like ‘no comment’ or ‘we cannot supply a reference for this person’ – beware. That generally means they have left on bad terms.

It is also against the law to carry out certain other checks, such as credit history unless they actually relate to the job that is on offer.


Send The Letter

If you are trying to decide between the final say 3 candidates, offer it to the one you like the most without rejecting the other two. If the person really wants the job they will respond quickly, and if they turn you down, you will still have the other two options.

I hope that helps you to hire the right people ever time!

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