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Outreach Your Hands! Business Ideas For People Looking To Help Their Fellow Human


While you can work hard at attracting more customers, and providing a service for them that, deep down, you know they don’t really need, this sense of unfulfillment could spur you on to do something more beneficial to your fellow human beings. Many entrepreneurs turn their attention outwards, as we’ve seen with Bill Gates or Tony Robbins, and if you are more interested in the business of helping others, what ideas are out there?


Sustainable Water

We constantly see the devastation in foreign countries where they don’t have enough water to even live! We can offset this by providing a service that filters water for purification stations using products that are chiefly purchased off the shelf. While we can provide the initial help through charities, once we get to the stage where those communities are self-sufficient, they can be a partial owner of the company.


Medical Research

The devastating impact of a lack of funding for niche medical research shows a major gap in the market. There are so many aspects of medical research that are underfunded, but you could even provide equipment to laboratories who don’t have the funding themselves, from DNA purification kits to the laboratory mice, and everything in between. Medical research, depending on the diseases and ailments, can be drastically underfunded, and it’s essential that we do our best to help prevent these devastating diseases that our loved ones can succumb to, from cancer to cognitive decline.


The Educational Sector

Education is incredibly underfunded, and we are constantly hearing about the pressures that all teachers are under, overworked and underpaid, so we could work at addressing this problem directly. There are numerous teaching agencies out there, but this doesn’t address the emotional and psychological trauma that teachers can go through on a regular basis.

Workshops to provide mindfulness or coping strategies could be one area or providing resources to help teachers structure their lessons, and cope with the non-existent work-life balance. Teachers are one of the most overworked roles in today’s society, and with the increasing pressures, and spending cuts, teaching is one of the most anxiety-inducing professions around today.


Social Outreach

Social outreach can consist of many ideas, from the ethical produce of a social supermarket to an online marketplace that is socially conscious, working towards helping our local communities is a passion project for many, and, arguably, it is the only way we can bring about beneficial change.

Changing the world always begins at home, and as such, if we want to make a long-lasting impression, we need to build a business model that starts out small, but grows exponentially the more we help others. Social outreach is a very handy metaphor for any sort of charitable business. We can’t endeavour to solve everything all at once; it has to be taken one step at a time. And when we are looking to help our fellow human beings, every business has to start somewhere. So if you are looking to help the planet, begin on a smaller scale, and expand your outreach.


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